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    606 yard blacktail down!!!

    Actually it was my second this is my first i shot it with my 7mm-08 at around 300 yards it was a 3 point:D:D
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    606 yard blacktail down!!!

    At first i didn't want to shot it but i did and i shot the deer. It has a muzzle break!!:D
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    606 yard blacktail down!!!

    I'm 14 and this is my second buck that i have shot. It is a 4 point. I used a 300 Remington ultra mag, with a 210 grain Berger bullet. My dad and i were NOT HAPPY with that bullet!!! :Dgun):D
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    Long range rifle????

    What is the best long range rifle for shooting 400 yards and farther????gun)
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    What is the best long range load for a 7mm-08?
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    Coyote vs. .280 rem

    we were hunting for bears and was calling and we hear brush breaking. And we stand up to see wat it is and a coyote was 3 feet away on this dirt bank and it darts down the hill 20 yards and we shoot it!!! gun)
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    remington 338 lapua

    Thats EXPENSIVE but its probally a sweat gun gun)