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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb 30 cal 208 amax

    I am looking for a few boxes of the 208 amax bullets if anyone had any they don't need let me know please. Can pm or text 805-878-4772
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Kimber picatinny rails

    Sounds good. Let me know. I leave to hunting next Tuesday signed I will ship Monday if you want it.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 375 Cheytac build parts **no trades**

    I might be interested in the action if you could pm me a price. Was going to go with a b.a.t but would like to know what you would want for this one
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    338 or 375

    I do reload. And have lots of smaller calibers. Just wanting something big that I can hammer elk with out over 1000 yards.
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    338 or 375

    And I also plan to order the barrel to turn my 300 ultra to a 338 edge in the next couple weeks.
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    338 or 375

    I do have a 30 inch barrel 300 weatherby. That I have shot elk to 850 with. I am looking for something with more down range power. I plan to call b.a.t machine this week to order an action. I am thinking a big 375 would be the best with a long barrel and the bc it would be hard to beat.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Kimber picatinny rails

    I have a picatinny rail for a kimber 8400 long action. It's a 20 moa rail. And I have a 84m flat rail. Both are new in the box never mounted. I want 50 shipped each or trade for 308,338 bullets. Let me know what you have
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    338 or 375

    I am going to get started on my next build. So want to order a scion and barrel. I am thinking 32 inch barrel. I am just unsure if j should go with a 338 edge or lapua. Or maybe a wildcat 338. Or a 375 based off a 408 case. It will be a single shot. Just trying to start off right
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb 243 barrel and 338 barrel 32+

    Looking for a fast twist 243 barrel for a gun I want to re barrel. And looking for a 32 inch barrel for a 338. To fit a 700 action doesn't have to be threaded. Just let me know what you have.
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    Kimber mountain accent rail

    I have a kimber mountain assent I am trying to put a picatinny rail on. The gun is a 280ai. I have tried a talley rail for a 84l and one for a 84m neither are right. One to long one to short to use all 4 screws. I was wondering if anyone knew what one to get.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb spotting scope.

    I am looking for a spotting scope. I would say my budget is 1500 but I could go over that for the right scope. I am unsure what I really want. But I am looking at all the normal brands. Send me a pm with what you have.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb 6.5 creedmoor brass.

    Just looking for some 6.5 creedmoor brass to get me started. Let me know what you have thanks.
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    820 yard bull

    We hunted unit 22. Had two bull tags and filled one. We found six Bulls day before season but just to much pressure once season started. So we only got the one bull. Saw a few cows but no cow tags.
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    820 yard bull

    Just I should have put some more details. It has a 29.5 inch hart barrel. And the load is with rl25 86 grains.
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    820 yard bull

    Got my longest shot on a bull elk in Colorado the fifth day of the second season. It was 820 yards. Was using 300 weatherby with a 208 amax that's 3200 fps. The elk where we hunted this year was pretty bad only saw two legal Bulls. And one was one private. But it was a fun hunt.

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