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    For Sale Remington Mountain rifle .270 first production year?

    $700 shipped to your FFL
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    Want To Buy Rem 700 LA stock Outlander/Alaskan/McMillian Sporter etc...

    Looking for a stock for my 700 .270 Open to various makes/models such as Greyboe Outlander, B&C Alaskan, McMillian sporter. ADL or BDL considered as I have bottom metal. Thanks LLR
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    What’s your favorite caliber for deer?

    Easy answer: My new to me in 1978 from my father .270 Rem 700 We've been "everywhere man"... !
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    For Sale Remington 700 ADL .308 7 digit non-letter early serial # very nice condition

    A very nice condition 7 digit serial # 700 in the time honored .308 Win caliber These make super hunting rifles as is or upgrade to how you want your perfect rifle to be, or just add it you your collection Someone added a newer style Remington trigger (Not the Pro X-Mark) and it breaks...
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    For Sale Remington Mountain rifle .270 first production year?

    Remington Mountain rifle in the time honored .270 caliber Super nice condition. Appears to be a 1986 production date Which appears to be the first year manufactured. I mounted my favorite Leupold Compact with the Premier reticle upgrade and shot a few nice .75" inch groups off my bench with my...
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    all sold Thanks LLR
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    Want To Buy Nightforce NXS NP-R1 or NP-R2

    Wanted: Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 or 5.5x20x50 or 56mm must be NP-R1 reticle preferred or NP-R2 reticle Thanks LLR as always!
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    Beware of MAXWELLX

    Heard he has a silver hammer....
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    Various scope rings Leupold Weaver etc

    Found more! Leupold 1" Super low new in pack $20
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    Various scope rings Leupold Weaver etc

    Cleaning up the bench sale *all plus flat rate USPS mail small box Weaver 1" low $7.00 Low 30mm w/insert to not scratch the scope 4 screw $10 (I don't know the maker of them) Leupold 30mm low $25.00 Weaver new in pack low gloss $7.00 Weaver Tactical 30mm 6 screw new in pack $25.00 Buy...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 Mountain rifle .280 cal 1991 date code

    Thank you Buckfever Hope your still shooting that .270 it's a beauty Kimber; Yes the bolt locks That was a feature on all starting in the early 80's 26; If you mean the Mountain rifle contour barrel yes bolt handle is same color as the rifle it's located on the end end of the bolt itself...

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