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    ATN customer Service

    Thats pretty common with ATN. Pros to ATN is the cost, cons to ATN is if something happens your on your own.
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    8.5" at 1,000 yds?

    How many shot group?
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    Black Bear Hunting, 2017

    Actually the taxidermy is not done yet. Thats a whole new story, and not nearly as good of one as the hunt was. My Taxidermist sent the cape for tanning, his tanner had it for 9 months before going out of business, forcing me to start at the back of a new tanners line.
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    Best <$1000 spotting scope

    Here are some Refurbished Vortex Spotters that you might want to look at. They get even cheaper in the cart
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    Black Bear Hunting, 2017

    Thanks. The bad thing is, its like when someone kills a 200 inch whitetail their first time out. Its going to be hard to top that experience.
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    What muzzle break?

    Understood. Most breaks have a .02-.05 overbore. I was curious as to the effects of .26-.29 overbore
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    What muzzle break?

    I've always ordered 30 cal break for 30 cal rifle, etc. My main concern is losing performance for ordering 30 cal break for 28 cal rifle.
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    Need a new scope. What are your thoughts?

    I own 15 Vortex product's. I had to use their warranty once when I cross threaded a sunshade. I hardly think that's their fault, but I'm glad them helped me out.
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    What muzzle break?

    Are you guys running a 7mm muzzle break, or 30 cal? If your running the 30 cal, what do you think the effect is on felt recoil? Im actually doing a 28 nosler, but this section seemed the most appropriate. Im having trouble finding my go to break's in 7mm which poses the question.
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    This is for a lone peak action. Perfect stock would be Long action Mini chasis not bedded Flush cups Atlas rail few mag's as I currently dont have anything long action.
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    Black Bear Hunting, 2017

    We were hunting a long creek line (roughly 3 miles from end to end) with a driving road up the middle. We pulled in the gate about 30 minutes after first light. Every morning we spend glassing a few spots. When we pull in, about 50 feet up the road the guide hits the brakes and yells "bear" We...
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    Black Bear Hunting, 2017

    I got my first bear yesterday. I killed it in Halfway Oregon with pine valley outfitters. It was a beautiful cinnamon bear, and the most exciting hunt Ive ever done. I know its not long range to most, but I dropped the bear in its tracks at 4 yards (not a typo) while it was running at me...
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    Black Bear Hunting, 2017

    Update, I found a load with 150 grain interlock's my rifle likes. It doesnt shoot as straight as my Amax load, but it will do.
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    Oh god, not another caliber debate thread.

    Im basically to the point of flipping a coin (28 nosler, and 7stw) when I get to the point of pulling the trigger on parts, and running it. I have do doubt I will swear up and down it was the right decision a few years down the road no matter what I do.
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    Oh god, not another caliber debate thread.

    I would agree that I dont need to, but in I'm doing a custom build I see no reason not to go with the best caliber. If for nothing else a little forgiveness in range estimation.

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