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    1. 308winlongrange
      I'll have to try that load of reloder 17 and the 208s I was pushing them out of a 20 inch factory barrel at 2407 and out of a 22.85” shillen at 2483 with a load of 40 gr of varget wondering what type of velocity I can get with re17 and the 230s currently I'm with 2nd bn 7th marines forward observer / scout sniper been in now for 6 years can't wait to try the re17 what is the best group u have had on paper with the 208s at 1000 also what optics u using and how much internal adjustment do u have right now I'm riding a weaver tactical with 31.2 mils (107moa) internal photo of a 45moa rail just wondering when u run out
    2. MontanaMarine
      Congrats on the 1107 coyote, great shooting.

      My regular load for the 308 is moly'd 208 AMax over 49 gr RL17. 2575 fps in 20.5" bbl, and 2675 fps in 26" bbl. OAL 3.00".

      I was active duty from 1979-2004. 0861 (Fire Support Man). mostly 11th Marines, 12th Mar on Oki. some time on Embassy Duty, went to OIF1 with 2D MEB (TF TARAWA).

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