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    Savage 12 BTCSS 22-250

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    Savage 12 BTCSS 22-250

    Up for grabs is my Savage 22-250, bought for my son but he's not too interested in shooting yet, maybe 300 rounds shot, shoots 40gr. V-Max factory ammo lights out, 3/4 inch groups all day, never reloaded for it but I'm sure you can work up a nice load, very good shape, slight handling marks on...
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    Comparison of 6.5PRC Action Options

    I went with the Defiance XM action and got the XM bottom metal made by Sunny Hill Manufacturing. This allows me to load up to 3.2oal
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    Short*ish* barreled 6.5 PRC or 6.5 Saum?

    Here’s my 6.5prc 20” Proof barrel. I’ve only had it a few months but I’ve been working up the 147’s and so far I’m right around 2950 with ADG brass and 4831sc
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    20” 6.5prc help

    i built a lightweight hunting rifle with a 20” Proof cf barrel. I’m looking to hunt with the 143 or 147 bullets. Any suggestions on where to start with load development? I’m leaning towards 4831sc or H4350 mainly because I have it on hand. Didn’t know if since I have a 20” barrel I should try...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Swarovski SLC 10x42 Binos

    Up for sale is the like new Swarovski 10x42 SLC Binocular. Very good shape, haven’t really used them much. They come with Outdoorsman adapter, box, paperwork, etc. $1,100 shipped. No trades. PayPal friends and family preferred, will also accept USPS Money Order
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    New bino's

    Get a nice used set of swaros and don’t look back.
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    Nightforce Tool Set?

    The base screw is supposedly to be torqued to 100in/lbs
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    Nightforce Tool Set?

    I just bought an Atacr and Nf rings. Is this a handy tool or overkill for $275? I have a Wheeler fat wrench but that’s for smaller screws for rings. I just want to make sure I’m torquing everything correctly
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    Worst thing you have purchased for reloading

    Hornady Lock-n-load press. Hated that thing! Dies would never stay “locked” into place. Got a Forster co-ax and have never looked at another press
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    Berry’s Versacradle Gun Vise?

    Any experience with this vise?
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    Spuhr Mount advice...

    Will the 1 piece Spuhr Mount fit on this Defiance hunter rail?
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    Cartridge help with my available parts...

    I got all the parts available for my long range/prs build. Here’s the list Defiance Deviant Tactical SA Manners PRS1 w/ Chassis Bartlein 6.5mm Heavy Palma 1:8 TT Diamond Nightforce ATACR So I’m new to long range but I’m all-in on learning. I’m getting a lot of advice to go with the 6.5cm. Not...
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    Spuhr Mount advice...

    I’m looking for a Spuhr Mount for my Defiance rifles. Both rifles come with the integrated 20moa rail. Do I need a mount with more cant or should I stick with zero cant? The optic is a NF atacr 7-35. The rifles are 6.5prc and 6.5x47

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