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    Quickload update

    Great program.
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    .22 Creedmoor, anyone?

    No high pressure signs with any load except an ejector mark on the highest IMR 4955 load Varied from below 10, to 40-50 fps on 3 shots All these loads were in virgin brass. Now that the batch is all formed, I will anneal, bump shoulder .002", trim, uniform pockets and flash holes, then get...
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    .22 Creedmoor, anyone?

    All in one post : Some load results from a 26” 1:7 Tikka 75gr Hornady Amax @ 2.63” OAL .114” jump to lands Alpha Brass Federal 210M large rifle primer H4350 41.4grs - 3403 FPS H4831sc 44.2grs - 3302 FPS IMR 4451 39.3grs - 3256 FPS IMR 4451 40.1grs - 3386 FPS IMR 4955 43.2grs - 3381 FPS IMR...
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    .22 Creedmoor, anyone?

    that was me who posted the 22cm load results, I've since shot a few more to add : RL16 41.4grs ~ 3490 fps, 1.1moa 3 shots 199 yards RL17 41.8grs ~ 3499 fps, 0.5moa 2 shots 199 yards RL26 46.0grs ~ 3550 fps, 0.8moa 3 shots 199 yards IMR 4451 40.1grs ~ 3386 fps, 1.3moa 3 shots 199 yards Ramshot...
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    .22 Creedmoor, anyone?

    Should receive a couple of them next week. 26" 1:7 twist, one on a Tikka t3 and the other on a CRF m70 75Amax, 75 Scirocco, 77 LRX, and 88 ELD will be the bullets. Lots of promising powders - RL26, RL23, RL22, H4831sc, Magpro, RL19, RL16, H4350
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    Caution in the cold

    Last weekend I tested the cold gun/warm gun difference. Day 1, cold rifles (-2F), Day 2, warm rifles (72F). Ammo was cold (-2F) in both days testing Ammo left outside overnight in temps of -25C (-13F) . Was exactly -19C (-2F) when I shot, same as day before with cold gun/cold ammo.. Rifles...
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    Temperature vs velocity - gun powder

    yes I did. In all 3 days of testing the ammo was kept outside in the cold.
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    Temperature vs velocity - gun powder

    Interesting data below. Ignition consistency suffers in the cold on average. But that doesn't explain to me, the increase in velocity. Just shows a sloppiness of velocity 223, Dominion small rifle primer (Russian manuf.) Standard deviation of 27 fps at +7c, and SD of 36 @ -19c 6.5cm, CCI 450...
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    Temperature vs velocity - gun powder

    Day 3 test, ammo left outside overnight in temps of -25C (-13F) . Was exactly -19C (-2F) when I shot, same as day before with cold gun/cold ammo.. Rifles were left inside all night, loaded into warm truck (heater set to 22C / 72F) and left inside the idling truck until ready to shoot. Ruger...
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    Temperature vs velocity - gun powder

    Day 2 , -19C (-2F) . Rifles/ammo had been outside for hours. So cold they burned the hands packing them to the truck. Another 10 minute cold ride with a warm bum to the range, where they were set outside in the shade. Ruger m77 Scout 223, 55gr Hornady SP, 21.8grs IMR 4198. In +20c (68F) to...
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    Temperature vs velocity - gun powder

    Well this started out as a quick test of two rifles I hunt deer in November with, to see how sub zero temps effects the load specs. I grabbed my 280 Ackley and 6.5 PRC rifles & ammo, and set them outside for hours at -16c (3F) Also had a few rounds of 6.5 Creedmoor I wanted to blow off so set it...
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    Quickload info request

    I adjusted start pressure to 5000psi (equivalent to .200" freebore) to get 2960 fps Cartridge : .338 Lapua Mag. Bullet : .338, 250, Sierra HPBT MatchK 2650 Useable Case Capaci: 93.978 grain H2O = 6.102 cm³ Cartridge O.A.L. L6: 3.640 inch = 92.46 mm Barrel Length : 26.0...
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    6.5 Creedmoor The Ultimate Long Range Varmint and Coyote Rifle?

    Cartridge : 6.5 Creedmoor Bullet : .264, 123, Hornady ELD-M 26176 Useable Case Capaci: 46.783 grain H2O = 3.038 cm³ Cartridge O.A.L. L6: 2.800 inch = 71.12 mm Barrel Length : 22.0 inch = 558.8 mm Predicted Data for Indicated Charges of the Following Powders. Matching...
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    7 Rem mag R26 load data?

    I can't help much, but 66.6grs RL26 under a 160gr Nosler Accubond is doing 2920 fps in a 24.4" Tikka 7mm Rem Mag. Not a hot load
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    6.5 creedmoor/6.5 prc recoil

    I have, from my 1:8 Benchmark 6.5PRC, they shoot great