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    I'm beside my self, if I only I could kick my self in the BUTT

    Well, I drove 1200 miles then found out that I left the keys to my camper trailer at home.
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    Barrel Whip

    It has to be fact! I use to watch Yosemite Sam cartoons shoot his guns and they always had barrel whip.
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    Colorado Outdoors Magszines

    I use to hunt Colorado a lot. I read just about everything I could get my hands on. I have a large stack of Colorado Outdoor magazines that are free for the taking if anyone wants them. They range from late 1980's to the early 2000's.
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    Youth deer rifle.

    Get what you think they can handle. The more they shoot, the better they will get. With a BB, pellet, or .22, they can shoot 100 rounds a day, not so much with a centerfire. At least I couldn't afford to pay that bill.
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    Any Texas People?

    Yep, I45 and Holzwarth
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    Any Texas People?

    I'm in Spring, just north of Houston.
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    What bullet/s would you like to see tested?

    I would like to see Nosler 7MM 140 grain Ballistic Tip. Thank you
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    Trigger Question

    If it feels good, use it!
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    What type of bullet did you use on your last elk?

    Remington 7MM Express. 140 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip.
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    Any experience with the bullseye camera?

    A friend has one that we use. He first had the short range system and it did good to go 400 yards. He traded it in for the long range system. We have used it to 600 yds. with no problems. It works best with a laptop or note pad over a cell phone. Set it up at your target and get the signal on...
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    Anybody hunting or shooting with their wife/girlfriend?

    I use to take my wife hunting with me all the time, we didn't get much hunting in though. She has killed her share of deer and caught a boat load of fish. She gets mad now when I go and don't take her.
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    Your Ultimate 500 Yard Rig

    I would have to take my old favorite, Rem 700 BLD in 7mm Express.
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    Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50 Rifle Scope Appreciation Gift Away

    I really think that this scope would look best on my rig! If you win it, just send it to me, I'll mount it and send you a picture.
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    257 weatherby

    Just remember "Shot placement"...
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    Vx5hd reticle?s

    My son has a VX6-HD with the Impact 29 and it is illuminated.

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