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    SOLD/EXPIRED .277 6.8 Nosler Accubond LR and Hornady ELDX

    165 grain accubond long range and 145 ELDX. $80 for both or $40 for the ELDX and 50$ for the ABLR
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    One Gun Hunters

    Not a single game animal on the planet that won’t fall to a 180 Nosler partition from a .300 Win. That’s what I would go with.
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    .270 Hornady and Nosler

    Would you send me a text instead.
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    .270 Hornady and Nosler

    I will take the partitions. Send me a PM.
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    .270 Hornady and Nosler

    Still have the 150 grain?
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    Winchester brass good enough or not worth it?

    Found a good deal on some Winchester brass and there’s a couple bags available at my sportsman’s warehouse. I normally use Norma brass but it is extremely hard to come by right now. Anyone have thoughts on the Winchester bag of brass? Primer pocket issues with higher pressure loads? Bad...
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    Hornady Interlocks at high velocity

    Thanks everyone for the great input. Sounds like I’ll see if I can get a load nailed down for the interlocks and not think twice about shooting them that fast. In the mean time I will look around for some partitions as that seems like it really would be the best of both worlds for my...
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    Hornady Interlocks at high velocity

    Starting to get low on my supply of Nosler accubonds and am thinking of developing a load with RL 26 and Hornady interlocks. I am currently pushing 3150-3180 with my current accubond load out of a 270 Win with 140 grain. I never shoot past 500 yards but need to be able to take a shot at 50 yards...
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    WTT Powder, SE Idaho, North Idaho, North Utah

    Interested in the VV 165. Located in Idaho falls
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    Want to buy or trade small rifle primers for powder

    I’m looking to buy or trade some small rifle primers for Alliant RL 22 RL 23 RL 26 or H1000. Located in Idaho Falls
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Powder and magnum primers for trade.

    I have some small rifle primers I’d be willing to trade for RL 26. Also in Idaho Falls