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    Changing a 7MM RUM?

    I have a custom built from a BDL 7RUM. Strictly hand loads, What ever you do it would be wise to invest in some reloading equipment then there is no worries as long as brass is still available.
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    Any experience with Mike Hill, gunsmith in Springville, Utah?

    Steve you don't know me but I have had 7mm RHB do some work and 270 Win short has said good things about your work. I trust his recommendation. interested in building my 22 250 BDL into a 6 47 or 6 xc maybe a 6.5 47 somthing I can get close bullistics to my 270 AMP for a plinker varment and...
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    New 6.5 Idea

    yes I'm one of the cursed. cant find a ball glove or a rifle with much more effort
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    New 6.5 Idea

    Talked to 270 win short today he told me about this thread, darn now i want a new gun. This has been a joy to follow. Those groups with different loads are amazing. I have one of the three 270 amps rhb was talking about what a fun gun to shoot. This new 6.5 sounds even funner . I know rhb puts...
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    Berger .277 EOL Extreme Heavy Hybrid 170 Grain.

    Good news is there a speculated bc yet on the .277 ?
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    .270 WSM All-purpose load

    My problem was the failsafes were to hard & didnt expand I thought the 06 was to slow for them. back to the 270 bullet I really like the Matrix 165 but I think the 1 in 10 may be on the edge of stabilizing them I shoot a 1 in 9 rockcreek and they shoot real good. as far as the load I don't...
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    .270 WSM All-purpose load

    Just curious did you connect with the combined technology? If so how did they work for you? I shot them on a Mt Goat hunt out of my 06. couldnt get a satisfactry group with the Barnes had a guy suggest combined technolagy. They shot great, three days before my hunt another friend asked what I...
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    Leupold VX-3 6.5-20

    As for the zero stop, I just took a red sharpie and colored the hash mark so I always know where zero is at a quick glance. Also the Burris signiture rings you can get the most out of your elevation. I myself like the fine duplex I use charts and I dont like the reticle with a cluttered picture...
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    Berger .277 EOL Extreme Heavy Hybrid 170 Grain.

    I had Kirby build me a 270 Amp. Long action with a 1 in 8 twist it's is built for this bullet. No mag box problems, currently I have been shooting the wildcat 169 ( vary hard to get) also tried the matrix 165's. I have occasionally looked in midway, sinclair but have not seen the bergers on...
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    270cal 150gr VLD anybody use them?

    I have a box of 150 vld I have pushed to 3150 in my 270 amp but I still have most of the same box just bought them while waiting for some 169.5 wildcats. they held at that speed I also have used matrix 165 I really like them my twist is a little faster than 1:9 also the wildcat is great if you...
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    How far away will you shoot at a deer?

    depends on what rifle I have my lr rig has much more range than my range finder. (saving for a terripin) the last time I shot a 1000 on steel I put 5 out of 6 in at 1/2 min but we had flags benches gun vise ect lot of variable in the field. I put 700 and thats pushing my range finder a bit...
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    6-700yd Mountain deer gun opinions?

    Nobody likes the 270 wsm with the 165 matrix or the new berger 170 I think? suppose to come out this month? you would want a 9 twist or slightly faster but the bc is over .7 it will have enough energy out to 1000 but it sounds like you have decided on th 6.5x284 no complaint there.
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    Any experience with Mike Hill, gunsmith in Springville, Utah?

    Mikes # is 801 489 7414 he did a trigger job for me years ago only charged me 2 bucks he's a real nice guy and I think he knows a lot but i would contact goodgrouper or rhb also and @ discount ammo John or Kevin both know Mike you could ask them. I had a custom built but had Kirby do it. havent...
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    Jewell triggers... what do I really get for the $200??

    wow you nailed the experience I had perfect. I set my factory rem to 2.5 lbs was quite happy with it, then had a custom built with a jewell. Now I go back to my factory rifle with the trigger job I always run out of breath and the creep feels like im pulling an anvil across a metal table waiting...

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