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    Want To Buy Looking for .348 Hornady 200 Grain

    Looking for some Hornady .348 200 grain for my ' 71. Let me know if you can part with any. Thanks in advance!!
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    This month was my first time ever hunting... Ever.

    Welcome to hunting! Enjoy the adventure & great write up!
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    Nevada Desert Ram

    Super ram, Congratulations!
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    Wife’s first buck

    Great Buck! Congratulations!
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    MD youth hunt. Son’s first buck.

    Sweet Buck & Great Shot!
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    How far can you connect?

    With my Longbow out to about 27 yds on a good day, Rifle on Deer I limit to 400 yds or less; varmint/critters I will try longer.
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    It’s official.....buck broke the 80” mark!

    About as pretty as they get! Congrats!
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    Good Colorado buck

    Incredible Buck! Congrats!
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    First Big Animal for my Son

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    1st Mule Deer down with my 6.5 SAUM

    Great Buck! Congratulations, awesome elk in your avatar, too.
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    Been a good year for hunting so far!

    Great critters! Congratulations
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    Best Value Long Range Hunting Rifle up to $5k

    Since you are in Colorado, check out Ken Weaver's rifles, great weapons & prices;
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    New Mexico Lope

    Great One!
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    257 WHBY - Cleaning Issues Fixed - Thank You Long Range Members !!!!

    Posted a few weeks ago about my 25 yr old 257 WHBY not getting clean, horrible groups. I got some Bore Tech Eliminator, Cleaned the rifle for hours.... , loaded new loads w/ IMR 4350 & Nosler 115's , Shot today a little. I think things are getting better. THANK YOU Long Range Members for the...