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    Mcmillian Lead Time

    took me a year and a half to get mine for my savage. worth the wait i guess.
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    Magnetospeed and MV

    agreed with all of the above my magneto seems to be legit compared to my other chronos
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    Upgrading the stock on my savage

    I went with a mcmillan on my savage build and it is awesome.
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    Help me finalize an elk rig, or talk me out of it.

    Do the 300wsm. There is nothing wrong with the std. Or small shank. My 300wm came with a small shank along time ago and I just rebar relied it to a 264wm. Do the 300wsm and blast a good elk
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    Which 6.5

    264 wm rocks!gun)
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    SOLD/EXPIRED McWhorter Left Hand 270wby

    Is this still for sale? If so please message me.
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    257 Weatherby on Elk

    It will kill them just as dead as any other round! shot placement is key with what ever caliber you choose!gun)
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS HS Precision Custom 7WSM

    I have the same rifle in 300 win mag and it is awesome! If it were left hand i would be all over it at that price!
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    Leupold CDS riflescopes

    The CDS scopes comes standard with the MOA turret. And they give you 1 free custom turret so when you find a load you like you just call them and tell the the BC of the bullet, FPS, Elevation, Caliber and velocity and they send you a custom turret. I am hunted out of state last year to Colorado...
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    Leupold CDS riflescopes

    I have the VX6 firedot windplex setup with the engraved turret and it is awesome. Super easy to use with the leupold rangefinder. Great combo. And yes if you want MOA clicks the scope comes with that turret when you buy it so you are good to go with either. Plus you get 1 free engraved turret...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: LH H-S Precision .243

    do you have all the paperwork with the rifle? load development that came with the rifle?? also please post some pics
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    Shilen Select match barrel

    I have a savage 116 rifle in 300 win magnum and am going to swap the barrel to 264 win mag so i can still use the same magazines. I am thinking of ordering it in a 30" barrel threaded for a muzzle brake if i so choose to, How good are the shilen select match barrels? thanks
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    What caliber to buy for a 35 whelen rechamber

    I built mine off of a 3006 and went with a 35 wheelen ackley improved! it sure does kick but i knocks stuff down! Awesome round!
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    Best long range mountain rifle with box magazine?

    Weatherby ultra lightweight rifles are pretty sweet. I have 1 in 257 weatherby but no box magazine and it is a really great carry gun for the hills
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    barnes vs nosler vs berger

    perfect! more for me:D:D:D:D:D