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    Tikka fast twist 22/250

    Text sent.
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    Tikka fast twist 22/250

    Hey all. Anyone have one too many of these? Looking for one. Thanks!
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    Official Hammer bullets Terminal Performance (picture heavy)

    That's a great buck. Interested in the particulars regarding the rifle. If you would be so kind.
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    Why No Love For 270 Ackley Improved?

    Wonder what you could drive that ELD-X at?
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    Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor brass

    I'm currently using both Peterson small primer,and Hornady brass in the creed. Both are holding up very well. I'm lucky to have a minimum spec chamber. The brass isn't getting much of a workout.
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    Finally got my 2016 pronghorn back from the taxidermist! PICS

    Wow! Very nice. Can ask for much more than that.
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    Anybody have a rifle malfunction that made them say what!

    Put a 280 Remington cartridge in a 7 Rem mag and pulled the bang switch. I did in fact say "What!?!" along with several other expletives. Not enough material to make a 7 Rem mg case out of a 280. Just sayin.
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    6.5, 135gr Berger

    Don neglect the ELDX. That thing just plain shoots.
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    6.5, 135gr Berger

    You will be fine with one or both of those.
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    6.5, 135gr Berger

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    6.5, 135gr Berger

    Magnum primers in Hornady brass wanted to string. Cci 200 and h 4350 drills tiny little groups with 143 ELDX. Speed was sorry though. 2550 ave, double digit particulars.
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    6.5, 135gr Berger

    Peterson small primer. Im getting an average of 2956 with the 130 and RL 16. If any comments look sketchy, Im at work on my phone. Sausage fingers,lol.
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    6.5, 135gr Berger

    This is the 130 over 43.5 of RL17. The right shot was the first. Clocked it left an shot the low hole. Then cut the group. Peterson brass, br4.
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    6.5, 135gr Berger

    IV had the best results with RL17 and RL 16. This with the 130 Berger. Single digit E.S. and SD. Mid 2900 fps with 16. 100 fps less with 17. In a 24" Bergara.
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    Light stuff in the 6.5 creedmoor.

    Do you do sample quantities? I'd be up to trying a few of each.