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    243 loaded with hornady 58 gr v max

    I load them to 2.600 coal it shoots great load is N-140 43.0 gr coal works fine I was going to do the same thing but my new hornady book is saying to load them deep 1-10 twist with light bullets need to be down more than your 95 or 100 grain bullets
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    87 gr berger VLD for the 243 win

    Thanks guys Went out over the weekend after church to shoot with some friends and my wife. To try out the new load. The wind was crazy 40 mph shooting 875 yards dialed 12.5 moa pushed into the wind around 6 feet first shot was one foot off to the right push 7 feet shot hit shot again...
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    87 gr berger VLD for the 243 win

    Hey guys I have a question anyone shooting the 87 gr berger hunting VLD's? I have some loaded with IMR 7828 ssc 47.0 grains muzzle velocity around 3100 fps. How are they shooting for you guys and what kind of performance have you had on deer and antelope? Been shooting the 95 grain for...
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    6mm-284 for long range hunting

    Hey guys anyone out there hunting with a 6mm-284 thinking about having one built? 1-8" twist barrel for 105 grain Berger VLD bullets for antelope and mule deer and maybe elk if one gives me a shot... What's your thoughts. I am recoil shy an don't like shooting large rifles. "I know how can a...
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    243 win hunting bullets

    What's your best bullets you have hunted with in the 243 win? My load now is Barnes 80gr. TTSX Ramshot hunter 46.0 grains, rem 9 1/2 primers, and Winchester brass, load .120 off lands. Shooting half min of angle. Velocity is 3350 fps gun)
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    I'm new, did i mess up my barrel?

    It looks like you have some copper build up need some sweet 7.62 or CR-10 run a patch up and down around twenty times and wait around five minutes. Then run a bronze brush up and down around twenty times. Then swab out barrel it should come out clean. If not do it again
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    Berger bullets

    Hey guys and gals New to sight problem hunting with 243 winchester 1-10 twist barrel shooting the 95 grain berger VLD HUNTING bullet? How did it perform for you? Me and my wife killed three mule deer doe's last year but performance was good enough for kills but not much internal damage...

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