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    For Sale XLR EVO SA 700

    BUMP $550 OBO. make offer i am flexible
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    For Sale XLR EVO SA 700

    Have an evo for sale. Mega bolt cut for any right hand 700 footprint. I relieved the trigger gaurd area a little to clear my trigger tech, And also relieved the side a hair with a small drill bit for the bolt stop pin on my TL3, as seen in pics . I had the tang area bedded but was able to...
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    For Sale Arms17s and adm170-s bipod mounts

    I have 2 bipod mounts for sale. I’ll take $40 for the arms and $50 for the adm. shipped f&f. only have one set of screws as one of the mounts didn’t come with them. Thanks
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 2-NSS savage barrel nuts

    I have 2 NSS savage thread nuts One is cerakote graphite black. One is just stainless. $25 each or $40 for both shipped f&f
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    Carbon fiber wrapped barrels

    Ragged hole barrels does it too
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    Carbon fiber wrapped barrels

    Everyone and anyone can produce a bad barrel. I have 2 Bartleins. One is the most accurate and easy to shoot I’ve ever had. It loves everything. 95% of what I’ve tried shoots half inch or less , I’m talking every reload I’ve tried and tons of different factory ammo. The other one is the...
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    Carbon fiber wrapped barrels

    Me too. Got an origin 6.5 creed 24” prefit from evolved Ballistics. Torque it on 80ft/lb. check headspace. Set perfect. Barrel weighed 2#14oz. Proof stated 2#15oz. Been shooting sub .4” at 100 pretty easy bedded in a manners T elite carbon. First round hits at 650,764,978,1055...
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    Badlands Mag Bino Case

    Badlands Mag Bino Case for sale. Good shape, just got a different one. I did trim the upper excess straps a little I got tired of the excess flapping around. I’m 5’11” 185#. Lots of room for leica Geovid 10x42's $75 Shipped OBO PP F&F