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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 257 round noa 100 grain

    I've got 2 original Remington boxes of 100 or a few missing ea.of 257 round nose bullets. They haven't been in the books for 40 years. I would like to know what they were used for. I suspect a 25/20 or 257 Roberts???? Sure they are for sale if interested pm lets talk.
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    Browning BBR feed problems with wsm

    /a while back, I had a BBR Browning converted to a 25 Pronghorn, 257 x270wsm. I can only shoot it single shot. Does anyone know what the solution is for the magazine confusion when trying to load from the magazine. I have a mag head on bolt and a mag follower. Its annoying when a second shot is...
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    post hole baiting

    The pipe idea is great and works well. Make sure that one end swivels so that it will roll and not get knotted up. Don't put a lot of corn. They need to move the pipe or tube around so that just a little corn is dispensed. By all means put the strawberry jello dry mixed in the corn. The...
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    post hole baiting

    1) dig a post hole about 2 feet deep 2( Pour in about 20-30 lbs in the hole 3) Pour 2 or 3 cheapest strawberry Jello and sitr up 4) A can of Big Red Strawberry soda 5) cover the hole with dirt 6 Set a game camera to find when they will eat from the post hole. 7 They will dig and dig to...
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    "Best" barrel coating/treatment??

    Sounds like you really want to increase your barrel life! I have a product that will do what your want and more. With great honesty, you will get a 100-150 fps faster bullet, Increase the accuracy by let's say 25%, can not be washed out with solvents, tends to stay cooler longer, with stands...
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    7 wsm brass

    Levi, The new unfired 7wsm stamped. It has to be found in my stuff after moving. I would prefer to getting new 270 wsm brass and trade, Other wise I will have to wait to find some myself. Price is another section for discussion. 21buck
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    7 wsm brass

    Sure do have 99 new brass. Hbt for 270wsm 21buck
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    25STW dies

    Well we put it altogether, 30" SS , 110 Accubonds, RL25, Mag Primer, Brake, Pac Nor super barrel. 3850 fps. Shoots a single hole in 300 yards. Hogs, 2 Blue Bulls on the run, deer and yotes. The basic question I have with the above setup is "What is the max range of the load" It is accurate...
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    .25 caliber options

    The 257 Stw will reach out an touch'em. Utilizing a 29-30" barrel, your fps could be a 3850. It has the knock down power from the fps. A 110 Accubond does an excellent job. I would use it on everything except Brown Bear. Brass is a bit hard to come by, RL25 works for me. Good luck on...
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    M700 feeding problem w/wsm

    sj=pratt, One of the first things my smith did was open the rails, I then purchased a magnum follower from Rem. still no help. I purchased a shell mag, don't know if I am saying that correctly. It is the old style bdl magazine. I had to file it down in order for the rifle to fit any stock...
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    M700 feeding problem w/wsm

    I have a problem with M700 SA converted to a 7wsm feeding the second shot. I have replaced the mag box, the shell guide. It will jump and scatter the other rounds after ejecting the fired one. I am sure that this has been addressed. Want to use it as a repeater instead of a single shot a BDL...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Bullets

    Are your bullets #1,2,3 still available? If so I will take all three or one box each. Please advise.
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    LRH Give Away Contest - $1000 Sitka Gear Clothing System

    RE: LRH Give Away Contest- Sitka Gear Clothing System. Thanks
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Looking for: RCBS Powder Measure Stand Plate

    Check Brownells, I believe that they have what you are looking for in the range of $26. or so.
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    Re: 7mm WSM brass for sale PM sent . advise