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Aug 22, 2015
Jun 30, 2011
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Aug 22, 2015
    1. montanabarb
      1bt, I have a couple of rifles that I could trade for your RUM
    2. carter1616
      I have some reloader 7, is there a load for 25-06
    3. 1blacktail
      Iv been working but I will try to find out today
    4. Hairball
      Where you able to find out from your buddy about that rangefinder he might have for sale?
      (You had replied to my WTB Leica listing)
    5. 1blacktail
      Hi sorry for the wait I haven't been signed in for a bit, this is funny I was just going to put mine up for sale I love mine but I do a lot of extreme hunting as far as packing along ways in but I'm also an outfitter and all my clients shoot my gun when they are hunting with me, I love the 230s the ballistics are crazy im shooting 91.7g of rotumbo at 2976fps I'm not pushing it I'm getting great life out of my brass and very comfortable to shoot I have a lot of youth hunters hunt bear with me and they shoot lights out with it a number of 800 yard plus kills with the bullets also
    6. Timothy1045
      Hello, was wondering what load you found to work best with your 300 sendero. Thinking about getting one in a couple months and wondering how the 230 bergers work for you.
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