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    Thanks for info my boy has a 270 might just do that
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    Thanks yeah I have decided 260 thanks for all info greatly appreciated
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    Thanks slewis 12
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    Thanks for information now its decision time
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    My 10 year old granddaughter will be going on her first cow elk hunt this year she has done well with a 22 and only weighs 51 pounds don't want to beat her up with a lot of recoil but I want to be fare to the elk to make a good clean kill thanks for any input
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    model 110 E savage 30-06

    Will be used for hunting deer and elk
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    model 110 E savage 30-06

    Would like to give it a upgrade looking for suggestions on caliber and stocks
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the site and nice rifles
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    new member from texas

    Welcome to the site lots of good info
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    New member from Canada

    Welcome to the forum ton of info here enjoy
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    Wow lot of great info keep it coming
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    Good load I know there's many just kicking an idea
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    New guy

    Welcome and hope you enjoy the site
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    SOLD/EXPIRED ***delete***

    Re: Rifle inc remington 700 ss 300 win mag Sweet ok