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    Handloading: How Many ?

    from memory and sure i left a few out!!!! 222 223 223ai 22-250 220 ai 22br 6ppc 6br 243 260rem 6.5cm 6.5x284 270win 270wsm 7-30waters 7remmy 7rum 308 30-06 300wm 300rum and the beat goes on......and the beat goes on!!!!!!!
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    What blew up my gun?

    4.5g is a lot too much but i doubt that alone would cause that failure dont kno and dont intend to find out but back n the day jus for chit n giggles i hav loaded 220 swift w/ 3031 case full to bottom of neck bout 42g jus to see how much it could handle. crep up 1 grain at a time. all i got...
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    What blew up my gun?

    perhaps a combination of factors 1) 22-350 wil hold 41 to 43g powder depending on powder and if using powder measure 7 grains cud be bridged from last measure and added to next. 2) case could hav been too long and jammed the lands 3) a 5 or 10g heavier bullet could hav been unknowingly...
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    School me on weatherbies

    if you like havin the hello kicked outta ur jock strap by all means go for it and enjoy!!!!
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    Long-ish range prairie dog caliber?

    gunbearr nailed it!!!!! jus tel him to get a lot closer. the show is much more spectacular up close with a medium varmint barrel in 223 40g boolits!!!! keep shots in the 100-250yd range for consistent hits that builds the ego!!!!! take a few long shots jus for the fun factor but closer is...