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    First time antelope hunt

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    Best value in hunting tripods

    Outdoorsmans has the Slik Pro CF-634 on sale for $209.95 ($40 off). It's one of the lightest tripods on the market. I recommend it highly. I also recommend their Outdoorsmans Pan Head - smooth as silk and easy to set up. Very high quality. Their bino adapter is top notch, too.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 223 ammo at Midway

    Well said.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 223 ammo at Midway

    Look in the mirror.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 223 ammo at Midway

    OK, have you ever passed on a Midway price and bought the item somewhere else for a dollar less, or $5, or even more less? Why did you do that? Because you look out for yourself, not your "friendly" or "favorite" retailer. Do you consistently pay more to buy local instead of ordering online...
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    Custom 22-243

    Well, one of my reloading manuals (Nosler, I think) says it is a shortened 30-06 case. Or maybe an '03 case, I don't remember precisely. I've never read that it was a new, unique case design. If it is an '06 scion, then it is a sibling, at least, of the .308.
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    Custom 22-243

    The .300 Savage was invented 5 or 6 years AFTER the .250-3000. It's not the parent cartridge. The internet is dangerous.
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    Unicorn alert! .356 Win Brass @ Wholesale Hunter

    New unprimed Winchester .356 Win brass - 50 count - for $38.35.
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    Best Do It All Shotgun?

    Benelli Montefeltro 20 gauge
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    Bought a .270 Today

    A friend of mine made the same claim. He switched from an older 30-06 BDL with a wood stock, big Nikon scope in steel rings, etc., to a brand new .270 Kimber Montana with lightweight Talleys. Knocked a couple of pounds off, at least. He swore whoever said the .270 was a mild cartridge was crazy!
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    444 marlin

    Low velocity so you don't kill a farmer.
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    444 marlin

    Low velocity so you don't kill a farmer.
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    What type of shelter do you use most often for backpack hunting during rifle season?

    Mountain Laurel Designs DuoMid XL for the tent. Bombproof and very, very roomy for 1guy. For the sleeping bag, Western Mountaineering Alpinlite Long. Fits my temp range in the Sierras. All of their gear is outstanding and wicked light.