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    Which caliber for Remington 700 long action (3006 bolt face) rebarrel?

    With the cartridges you have and the boltface you have currently I would lean toward a 30 caliber such as the 30-06 with one of the specialty reamers or toward a 25 caliber. The problem with 25 caliber is that without specialty bullets it won't do anything that your other rifles won't do better...
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    I know you didn’t ask me but I will say that I have killed deer at less than 100yds with others at that distance or less. The deer nearby didn’t run and only raised their heads for a few seconds. Another time I shot a pronghorn at 321yds with another buck less than 50yds from him. The...
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    If length and weight are a consideration (the following in no specific order) Q Trash Panda Silencerco Omega 300 - direct thread or Q Plan B or Griffin Plan A YHM Resonator or Turbo- Same as above TBAC ultra series- 5 or 7- use CB not direct thread here.
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    To thread or not to thread the muzzle ...

    My mistake early 60’s, no provenance bought used.
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    To thread or not to thread the muzzle ...

    I think, especially in something like a Remington Sendero, threading will hurt collector value only if the rifle is new unfired. I think you will not increase the value by threading a sendero shooter but for most of the chamberings threading isn’t a negative if done properly. My dad has a late...
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    Reloading for 30-30 Win - need advice

    In a marlin a good sign that you’ve surpassed safe loads is if the lever pops open (even just a little) on firing. I also think using a case comparator and sizing based on the shoulder length in your chamber is very important versus FL sizing based on the generic instructions from the die maker...
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    Hate to Do This: 6.5 CM vs 6.5 PRC

    I will say that I think bullet choice and placement have more to do with success than the cartridge. For example in my creedmoor I use two different bullets and one is way more capable at long range but the other is much tougher. Sierra 130HPBT Gameking is pretty tough and I got an exit with a...
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    vortex razor hd lht

    I have the original vortex razor LH, a VX-5HD, and razor LHT. My favorite is the LHT I have not tested tracking extensively enough to verify but I’ve had no problems with the Razor LH. Compared to the VX-5 I felt the glass on the razor LHT was clearer and had more apparent magnification albeit...
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    Timiny trigger= stiff safty

    The spring on the right side of the trigger may be rubbing the stock. Get some clearance there
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    Carbon fiber wrapped barrels

    I recently purchased a CF barrel from carbon six but have yet to receive it. The main determinant in my purchasing that barrel was weight. Here is why: This is for a hunting rifle in a hunting weight 280AI I use suppressors (necessitates using a muzzle diameter of at least 0.735" and my...
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    Anyone using Sierra 140gr SBT in their 6.5 Creed for hunting?

    I have killed 3 deer with a 22” 6.5 creedmoor and 140 Gameking. My loads were with RL 26 at 2.845” COAL and around 2850fps. All three deer dropped in their tracks even one at around 120yds with a posterior lung shot. Honestly there are no flies on the 140 Gameking. I think in the 6.5 creedmoor...
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    Also, do your dies match your chamber? Nosler's 280AI base to Datum measurment is different than the old RCBS 280AI 40* If you have a new SAMMI chamber and old wildcat dies that could cause this problem as well.
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    Recoil reduction with suppressor

    The quick attach muzzle brakes do nothing to reduce recoil once the suppressor is covering them. The muzzle brakes at the end of the silencer, a la Sico Omega and Harvester do reduce recoil but I went with a flat cap to reduce length. I don’t know how much the Dead Air flash brake helps with...
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    Recoil reduction with suppressor

    This will be anecdotal not empiracle but thatss what forums are for right? My brother and I both have 300 WSM and my father has a 300WM 300WSM 180gr TBT 2900fps TIKKA T3x Lite 24.3" Omega 300 suppressor 8.5# all together 300WSM 180gr AB 3130fps Rem 700 26" no suppressor or brake 9# all...
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    444 marlin

    Search on marlin owners forum for SG444 a guy with the handle Flattop had his marlin long throated and extended the feeding mechanism to allow longer OAL And then used heavy lead bullets and higher powder charges to greatly increase the ft/lbs and TKO numbers. You could do the same or more in a...