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    Long Range Rifles, LLC --- $1,000 Components Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In The Long Range Rifles, LLC Component Give AwayContest".
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    SOLD/EXPIRED For Sale: Leica Laser R'finder, NIB

    For Sale: Leica Laser R\'finder, NIB I've got a new in box, never opened Leica LRF800 to sell. Asking $385+shipping. I'm in Arlington, VA [email protected]"]null[EMAIL][email protected]
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    25-06 any one

    Are you intending to use your .25-06 for 1000 yard competitions, P-D/Varmints at long range, or Big Game? My #5 Hart barreled, Reminton 700 action, .25-06 shoots Nosler's 100gr. BT best (.25"-.5" reliably) over H-4831. That load combination has taken more Whitetails Does on our ranch in the...
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    Please help out with 308 Baer Information

    John, Precision Shooting magazine ran three articles, written by Dave Beisner. Dave was the 1995 1000 yard Heavy Gun Champion. His rifle, "Sweet Pee", was a .308 Baer, built by Bruce. I have those articles if you'd like them? They were titled "Loading for Baer", "A case for cases", and I...

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