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    For Sale Kuiu Axis

    Sorry it is Verde
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    For Sale Kuiu Axis

    XL Kuiu Axis jacket, Verde pattern, brand new. Apparently I need a 2xl! $250 shipped Pics if needed.
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    Kuiu Axis

    Got a Kuiu Axis jacket as a gift. Size XL. Apparently need a 2XL. Anyone want to trade??
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    Brown bear hunt on the Alaska Peninsula October 2021

    Congrats! You are living my dream, but I gotta ask what caliber AR is that strapped in the Super Cub?? Also my dream plane!
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    243 barrel

    Looking for a heavy varmint contour 243 barrel for a Remington 700 action. Prefer RemAge but not a must. Bench work only so longer is better! ;) Hoping not to wait a year for a new one!
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    I need some Labradar help please

    What exactly are you shooting? The only time I have used any external trigger was for a 22 pistol and it worked great. I couldn't be happier with mine and I use it a lot. I have found if the battery indicator shows much below two bars it will start missing a few shots. Is your project (bullet)...
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    7mm Mag reamer

    Solid pilot. Thanks for asking
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    7mm Mag reamer

    7 mm Mag finish reamer bought at Brownell's and never used. $110 shipped .
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    Bullseye Pistols

    I know kind of the wrong forum but thought there might be some interest. Sadly I am selling my Bullseye pistols. Half of one eye left just doesn't cut it anymore. One Hammerli 215 International with left hand Rink grips and a Walther red dot (truely round dot!) Excellent shape $2200 shipped to...
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    IMR 4955

    Picked some up but not finding any load data. The standard answer seems to be "close" to H4831. Surely something is published somewhere??
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    My new big boy pistol.

    In 1979 I won the Ohio State and Region Three Championship (IHMSA) with an XP-100 chambered in 308 x 1 1/2" built by Fred Sinclair. You won't go wrong with that caliber. Although I never hunted with it or did much bench work, in those days I could keep most of my shots on a tennis ball at 200...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Hornady 6.5 bullets

    OK Thanks!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Hornady 6.5 bullets

    no sorry
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Hornady 6.5 bullets

    2-120 GMX