The Black Rifle Revisited

If you have used a suppressor, you know that they can get really, really hot! Not only that, but they will put a ton of mirage onto your scope making accurate shots more difficult. Yes, there’s now an answer even for that. Companies saw the need and answered the call for a heat proof wrap that will also cut way down on the mirage. Several makers are offering them and I have one that is in two parts. The inner core is rated to 3,000 degrees and the outer to 2,000 degrees! You probably will never wear out the inner core and if either wraps need to be replaced for whatever reason, the outer is affordable and both are replaceable. They come in several color patterns to choose too.

I’m sure you know one of the problems with suppressors is the time it takes to get the approvals. That can be dramatically cut by setting up an NFA (National Firearms Act) Trust. That also enables you to have family members included (and even good friends) as trustees. Purchasing more than one suppressor can be done at one time with the shorter wait period. Of course, the fee/tax per unit still has to be paid.

There are many lawyers who are qualified to set up the NFA Trust and their fees are not as high as one would expect. I know of one who only charges $100 and the trust can be completed in less than forty five minutes! He has many satisfied customers (and I am one) that are happy with his services and the trust agreement. There are more advantages, and maybe questions, to having the trust that you should discuss with your attorney and or suppressor sales person. This isn’t hard to do and has many advantages.

Here is a factory DPMS, AR 10. It has been CeraKoted in red, white and a shade of blue. You can see the adj. gas block, too. The forend is a stock, solid but appropriate unit. This may be called “old school”, but it still has its place. It’s very different from Wanda and Nell’s.

A group of 5 forends in a semi circle.

Forends! Forends! This is just a very few of different forends available. There are numerous others.

So on to another of the changes on ARs: the forend. You can just about have any length, weight, shape, or attachment system you desire. A new, lighter, slimmer forend can make an AR more comfortable and easier to carry. Methods of attaching them to the platform are also more varied to suit many tastes. Free floating forends won’t touch the barrel and therefore will add accuracy to the rifle. If you looked at the picture of Nell and Wanda, I bet you didn’t realize those barrels are 26 inches long! The forends are the key to the balance. Key Mod is a new style whereby you can add accessories wherever you like and as many as you want. They have come a long way from the original, solid and heavy one.

These are only three styles of the many stocks you can get. At the top is the standard A-2, followed by the collapsible and lastly, the ARFX Skeleton. You can also see two styles of the many variations of grips. (The top and bottom are the same, but different color.)

The stocks are also going through evolutionary changes. You can get collapsible, solid, and slightly adjustable to fully adjustable stocks. You can have them colored as well! CeraKote is very popular because of the vast pallet of colors to choose from and it is very durable. Yes, you can even have wood stocks!


The trigger in an AR is a key element in getting the most accuracy out of your rifle. Triggers keep getting better and better! You can now get excellent single or two stage triggers and be confident they will perform for a very long time. Geissele has even brought out its “enhanced” version of their already super good trigger. Timney is making an excellent single stage trigger.

There are several new companies making excellent triggers, too. I’ve just put two from Alftmann Tactical in two of my ARs and am very impressed not only with the trigger but with the support from Art Elftmann and his staff. Shooting a single stage trigger is new for me and I am happy! Good triggers are at the core to good shooting experiences. It’s good that they keep improving them. There’s one for every shooting style and they too are getting better all the time.

So, you don’t think ARs are accurate? These are just a few of the better targets shot with several different ARs. These may not win a benchrest match, but it sure does impress me that a semi-automatic can shoot this well!