Shooting Apps Review

Now, Applied Ballistics, the program that I have not mentioned yet, is a $29.99 app and includes pretty much all of the functions that I really like having, like reticle placement, graphical display, table and a solution screen (without MOA and Mils on the same screen). This program does all of this flawlessly and produces as accurate of a result as the data you put into it. My greatest regret about this program is not merging my iTunes accounts and putting this on my new phone!

Deciding which of these programs is right for you depends on what you want out of the program. I have already stated the reasons for my preference. It simply suits me as a long range hunter and allows me to do what I need to do in the amount of time I have to do it in.

As technology improves, I have already seen a changing of the tides with platforms like the G7 BR2 and the Leica HD-B. For me, the Leica HD-B will be the platform to go to as a field aid, but that does not replace what is available on the mobile apps. There is far more information available on the apps as training aids and they will always be a huge part of my data process.

I appreciate any questions about things that you feel are relevant about long range hunting and how it pertains to these apps.


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Nate Demiter is a passionate big game hunter and thrill seeker. Having spent time living (and hunting) in Alaska and Wyoming he now manages his time between being a Bridge Foreman at a railroad and owning a small ranch in Kansas. He still finds plenty of time to travel to the western states in pursuit of elk, mule deer, antelope and has high hopes of being kicked out of the
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