Shooting Apps Review

Strelok Pro
Strelok Pro offers the exact same functionality and possibly a more precise ballistic solution over Shooter. Strelok also includes a reticle picture customizable to all of the major long range scopes like Vortex, Nightforce and Schmidt and Bender. That is a great feature to have as well. The solution displays as MOA, Mil, inches and clicks on the same screen, but you have to manually input yardage in numerical values i.e. 1000 yds or 1025 yds. This may not be a big deal to a lot of shooters, and frankly, the ease of use may be a negligible tradeoff to those who prefer the more accurate solution.



Where I really think that the Strelok app shines above Shooter is the environmental fields, I have found it to be more accurate on multiple occasions with multiple rifles giving me a solution that is almost ½ MOA different than the other app at ranges past 750 yards. Strelok Pro has a trajectory calibration feature as well as a blue tooth link to Kestrel 5500+Vane. It also has multiple target screen if you are engaging multiple targets at known distances in a match, it will display all of those solutions on the same screen in MOA or Mils with your wind correction for those distances.

Strelok is a great program. I feel that the designer is taking his feedback seriously and he keeps improving this program and updating versions time and time again.

iStrelok, the free version, is slightly different. It offers basic functionality with weather and shot angle corrections, but you lose the ability to link with Kestrel as well as losing Coriolis corrections, moving target corrections and the multiple target screen. iStrelok is the most basic of the “good” programs, but it does the basics and gets shooters to their target with no issues.

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