Outdoorsmans Rifle Chassis System Review

Style, Action, & Stock
The Outdoorsmans Chassis System employs the AR-style pistol grip (but not the beavertail types), of which I’ve always been a huge fan. Pure target shooters may argue the ergonomics of this hand position and its effect on accuracy, but the improved control over the rifle is undeniable. The vertical orientation and the ability to wrap your shooting hand completely around the grip just feels better to me.

The first generation Outdoorsmans Chassis System is currently available for Remington 700 ADL and BDL short actions. There are many custom actions on the market that are based on the Remington action, but there are just enough variations that a qualified gunsmith will be required to properly assemble the rifle.

As you may know, the Remington ADL action employs a blind box magazine, meaning rounds are loaded down through the action into the magazine, and there is no removable magazine or drop away floor plate. The BDL model 700 does have a hinged floor plate.

By using this ADL blind box magazine design, the Outdoorsmans engineers could shave significant weight from the chassis without compromising the strength and rigidity of the stock. A BDL action will work, but at this time you would need to purchase an ADL magazine box. An adapter for the BDL is in the works, as is a long-action version for the Remington. Both should be available by the time you read this article.

The stock is machined from a solid billet of 6061 T-6 aluminum, which offers a tremendous strength-to-weight ratio. The first version is available in all-black anodize or what I call the “spider web” black camo.

The short-action stocks weigh in at a scant 21.4 oz. and sells for a ridiculously affordable $449. The short forend of the stock has three separate sets of threaded holes for mounting Picatinny rails, to which a whole host of accessories can be mounted, such as bipods, laser sights, flashlights, etc. An adapter plate can be mounted that will allow the rifle to be mounted directly to an Outdoorsmans tripod.