Nightforce Velocity 100- Reticle Review

Now, on to the main purpose of this article, discussion of the 1000 Nightforce Velocity reticle. The reticle is calibrated in MOA which allows precise shot placement to 1000 yards when matched with your ammunition and conditions. The windage is a hash style off the main yardage distances with hold-offs for 5, 10 and 15 mph winds. The reticle, as Nightforce puts it, “Eliminates establishing holdover or counting elevation adjustments. Matched to the specific ballistic profile of your chosen rifle and load. Vastly superior to “one size fits all” drop compensating reticles. The Nightforce Velocity 1000 reticle is tailored to the ballistic profile (muzzle velocity, bullet weight, ballistic coefficient, etc.) of your rifle and your load.”

If your loads change, or you want to use your scope on a different rifle, the Nightforce Velocity 1000 reticle will function as a “standard” reticle by using the main reticle intersection for your chosen zero point. A complete pdf document with all reticle specs can be seen here.

The reticle and knobs are both in MOA, so they are using the same units for adjustments. I apologize for the through-the-scope pictures, but I tried my best to get an accurate photo of the reticle. Rest assured, the scope is far clearer than the images show.

With the scope all mounted on the rifle, I began my testing on the 1000 Velocity reticle. After zeroing it in, I first shot a standard box test to check for tracking, accuracy of movement, reliability and repeatability. It passed with ease! My last shot landing right on my zero/starting point. Now, it was time to stretch it out and see how it did at distance with my main focus on running just the reticle and not dialing at all for elevation or wind.

I have a good friend that owns 400 acres just 12 miles from town and shoots steel out to 1000 yards on his land. He leaves the targets set up year around and gets to shoot right from his backyard. I made a quick call that evening to make arrangements to shoot the coming weekend to do further testing.