Nightforce TS-82 Review - 2

I probably should go over a few basic functions of the TS-82. Quickly assembled and easily equipped with a quick change base for switching from a tripod to a window mount.



The very effective Nightforce knurl has been employed on the large focus ring that is easily found without looking, as well as on the power ring and the body position lock. The body does rotate within a ring so you can position it to a comfortable angle. This is especially useful on the angled body models as seen in the picture below.


The power selector ring is firm and smooth throughout the entire scale and easily located on the eye piece. Also, the eye relief adjustment is generous, offering about 7/16" travel to accommodate the use of eye glasses or a comfortable eye relief for most any eye.



On the front of the huge 82 mm objective bell is a retractable sun shade offering 1.5" of shading. You simply pull out or push back when not in use. It glides smooth as silk.



Lens covers consist of a plastic cap on the eye end and a nice well built cover on the objective end that retracts when you squeeze the slides to release it.


Here are the specifications of the TS-82™ XTREME HI-DEF™ 20-70x SPOTTING SCOPE:
Magnification: 20-70x (opt. 30-60x)
Field of view: 123.1' / 20x | 1.17mm / 70x
Exit Pupil: 4.1mm / 20x | 1.17mm / 70x
Dioptric correction: ± 5D
Eye Relief: 18mm
Focus: 4.59 yards-infinity
Length with eyepiece: 16.4" (s) 15.9" (a)
Weight with eyepiece: 67 oz. (approx.)



So in summary, I have to say the Nightforce TS-82 spotting scope leaves me with little to want for. If I had to do it again, would I purchase another TS-82? Well remember I already have.

Thanks for reading! Hope I answered some of the questions you may have when looking for a top shelf spotter.

Jeff Brozovich is a long time big game hunter who has become proficient at long range hunting, shooting and training. He also has a passion for ELR and is often stretching the distances well over 2000 yards. If Jeff is not out shooting you will often find him in his reloading room setting up a long range rifle, fine tuning a precision load or testing bullets. Jeff enjoys hunting with family and friends as well as riding horses in the beautiful mountains of Montana.