M2D Camouflage Gear Review

By Troy Adams

It has long been a personal frustration of mine that I cannot find a really good camo pattern to blend in with prairie grass or CRP fields. I spend a good deal of time hunting both. The nearest camouflage patterns I could find were always designed for duck hunters. While some came close they were never quite what I wanted. They always added things like thick bladed grass, cattails, or tree branches to the grassy pattern. Things like that look very out of place in the prairie or CRP fields. I spend a lot of time hunting coyotes, and a few months ago I noticed fellow coyote hunters posting some very interesting looking camouflage clothing in their photographs on the internet. Hence, I started asking questions in an attempt to find out where they were getting this very impressive grassy-looking camouflage. My search led me to a phone call with Sparky Sparkes, (yes, that is the name he goes by, and he is a fireman by trade) owner and designer of M2D Camouflage.


Talking with Sparky on the phone, I learned that, as an avid hunter himself, he shared my same frustrations with trying to find a good camo that would blend in well with CRP or a grassy-type environment. Rather than just whine about it like I had he took the bull by the horns, so to speak, and designed his own line of camo and then named it M2D. The name M2D is short for "Made to Deceive".

After visiting with Mr. Sparkes for a while I decided to purchase a full set of 7 oz. poly/cotton brushed, twill camouflage including a light-weight jacket, button-down long sleeved shirt, pants, boonie hat, baseball cap, full face mask, and a half face mask. Note that I said I "purchased" this set of camouflage. He did not give it to me, and like anyone else I had to shell out my own hard-earned cash to test this new camo pattern. However, I liked what I saw and hoped that I would like it just as much when I put it on and headed into the field to hunt. I have to make one little comment here. I ordered the camouflage and less than three days later it was in my hands. Now that was some fast service!

Sparky had warned me that when I opened the box to look at my new camo attire it would be very bright, almost obnoxiously so. He advised washing it two to three times before wearing it in the field to knock the color intensity back a bit. Let's just say he was right and after a couple times through the laundry I was happy with the results. Sparky said that it actually seemed to work better and better as it fades. I've found this to be true with most camouflage on today's market.

After washing the clothes I put everything on to check for fit and function. The shirt and pants were comfortable and the zippers and buttons all worked without any problems. The only thing I didn't like was the arms on my large button-down shirt are just a little too short. This is not a major issue as I just rolled the cuffs back. However, it would be nice to have sleeves that were just a bit longer. The shirt does however, have plenty of room through the shoulders, back, and waist. The pants are loose fit and very comfortable. They are a perfect design for hiking in all kinds of different terrain, in my opinion. Now if M2D will just come up with a waterproof/windproof pair of insulated pants or coveralls I will be in seventh heaven. (Hint, hint, Sparky!) M2D does offer a fleece camouflage pair of pants, but they are not practical for the burr and seed infested country that I hunt.

My first field attempt was in pursuit of coyotes. My partner and I called in several coyotes. I was fortunate to take three of them and my partner got one. Did my M2D versus my partner's camouflage make a difference? Who knows for sure, but I like to think so. What I do know is that this is one of the few camouflage patterns I find hard to see when actually out in the field. I mean, it really blends in. It has a unique ability to more or less just adapt and blend into the environment.


The next time I donned the M2D camouflage I was again calling and hunting coyotes. On my very first stand of the morning four coyotes came in hard responding to the call. They never had a clue I was there until the shooting started. It was very open country as can be seen in the photograph below. How can a person not love a camouflage pattern that helps them disappear in the wide open?


Texas Blackbuck

Now that I was gaining confidence in this new camouflage outfit I decided it was time to really put it to the test and take it along on my first hunting trip to Texas. This was a hunt for blackbuck and wild pigs, with the blackbuck being the top priority. The hunt was booked with Toby Joe Truby of Redrock Outfitters. (806) 322-0100.

At very first light on the first morning of the hunt Toby's guide Jory found a beautiful blackbuck antelope enjoying breakfast. Jory ranged the buck at 160 yards with his Leica Geovid binoculars. Toby and Jory discussed the trophy quality of the buck and gave me a green light. Actually I'm not sure Toby was finished with his sentence when my rifle went off. All I heard was: "He's a good one, you should ta…BOOM!...ke him." I can honestly state that the buck absolutely did not know I was anywhere in the country. I introduced him to an instant Texas dirt nap, via the 6.5mm-284. He still had a mouth full of grass when I walked up to him. For the record, I was and am, absolutely thrilled with this buck as it has long been a dream of mine to have a blackbuck in my trophy room. Thanks to Toby Joe, Jory, and my M2D camouflage my dream was realized.


Texas Wild Pigs

With the blackbuck down it was time to get after the wild pigs. I had hunted wild pigs once before in California and never saw so much as a pig track. It was with much trepidation that I decided to give pigs another out-of-state attempt. I was worried my bad luck from California would follow me to Texas. I need not have worried. Toby Joe and his guide Kirk had things completely covered. Within less than an hour of arriving in the area where the wild pigs were supposed to reside, I was posing with my first wild pig kill. While a wild pig was never quite the dream a blackbuck was, it still was great to get my first one. The pig was a sow and killed with a 6mm-300WSM at a little over 200 yards. Score up another kill for the M2D camouflage and Toby Joe's guiding skills. From that moment on, and through the next day we were pretty much constantly in pigs and shooting. It took me a while to get a boar, but I was happy that not once during the entire trip did I get busted by a pig seeing me while stalking in for the shot. I know it may sound like I'm gushing a little bit about this M2D camouflage but the stuff really works. It's nice to know that my money was not spent in vain.


So just how good is this camouflage? Good enough that when the hunt was over the outfitter and all his guides wanted to know where I got it and how they could buy some for themselves. Just as a side note: On the last day of the hunt I decided to wear a different set of camouflage because my M2D was getting just a little ripe, so to speak. On the agenda were coyotes and wild pigs. Long story short, I never saw either. In fact, I didn't see much of anything that day. Now I can't say for sure switching camouflage made all the difference. I can honestly say that it was the only major change that I made as opposed to the previous days. If things continue the way they have so far this year, my M2D camouflage shirt just might become my new favorite "good-luck" hunting shirt. Judging by the photograph below it is a "really" lucky shirt!



Overall I am very impressed and pleased with my purchase and use of M2D camouflage. In regards to what is already available I really can't complain with the exception of the short sleeves on my button-down shirt. The company has the light-weight options covered pretty well. I would like to see them offer an insulated jacket as an option to their parka, along with insulated water and wind proof pants or coveralls. It would also be fantastic if they could put this M2D camouflage pattern on Saddlecloth. The Saddlecloth material is the one and only material I have found that is durable and 100% burr and seed proof. It also works well with Goretex and other waterproof laminates.

M2D Camouflage appears to be a very progressive company and they are rapidly working to expand their offerings. In the near future one can expect water transfer for bows and rifles. A full line of fleece pants, jackets and vests. Plus Marathon seat covers and Camo Fusion for vinyl, truck wrapping, window coverings and more. It won't be long and they will have just about every thing to cover the camouflage needs of most hunters. For the latest in M2D Camouflage or ordering information: www.m2dcamo.com or call 509-M2D-2626 or 877-HuntM2D.

An avid big game hunter, Troy Adams has been hunting big game for nearly 30 years. Combining hunting and photography has helped him preserve many great memories. When not hunting, photographing, writing, or spending time with his family, Troy is usually found working on his wildlife art drawings.