Little Crow Gunworks WFT Trimmer Review - 2

I appreciate simple and innovative. The WFT is both. Setting the trimmer to case length is simply a matter of using a master case (in my case I used a case run in a trim die to 2.005-308 Winchester) to set the trimmer to desired cut length. Loosening 2 set screws on the trimmer body, allows the body and the trimmer insert to be moved in or out to set the cut length.


I did make a couple changes however. I replaced the 2 flute center cutting mill with a 4 flute (because I had one and because 4 flutes will give a faster cut at a lower speed) and I use the tool chucked in a 3 jaw chuck on a lathe (Dale from Little Crow Gunworks recommends a cordless drill motor). Dale recommends lubing the cases before trimming. Remember, the inserts are really chamber reamed so the cartridge is indexing on the shoulder, just like in your chamber. I just gave them a shot of Hornady One Shot and mixed them up in a zip-lock bag. You need to keep the insert and the cases to be trimmed clean and free of brass chips, I use a blow gun. I would also suggest applying a drop of oil to the insert and ‘o’ ring to make removal of the insert easier (Dale ships each insert with a couple extra ‘o’ rings).


The WFT shipped with 3 different caliber inserts, 223 Remington, 308 Winchester and 228 Lapua. Dale at Little Crow Gunworks has inserts available for $24.95 each for .17 Fireball all the way up to .338 Lapua. He also offers a dedicated unit for .50 Cal BMG. The WFT body/cutter alone is $69.95


I’ll give the WFT trimmer 5 stars for originality, repeatability and ease of use. IMO, it’s a winner and my palm appreciates it.

Dale Hegstrom
Little Crow Gunworks LLC
6593 113th Avenue NE., Suite C
Spicer, Minnesota 56288
(320) 796-0530
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