Kahles's New K624i MOA Rifle Scope

Reticle illumination is handled through a variable rate rheostat. Turning the illumination on begins at the lowest intensity level and increases until full intensity is reached. Battery life is what would be expected from a CR 2032 battery, which would cover several days of constant use at the highest intensity level. The illumination has an auto off feature, however, that activates after four hours and turns the illumination off. Different reticles have either the entire usable portion of the reticle illuminated, or just the very center portion, like the MSRK reticle in the mils based version of this optic. The reticle contained in the MOA version is called the MOAK, and is fully illuminated as are the new SKMR and SKMR2 reticles in the mils based scope. Having the entire reticle illuminated is especially beneficial for those shooters that use holdovers and windage holds for the majority of their shooting, and that have the potential for target engagement in less than ideal lighting conditions. All K624i rifle scopes have the reticle in the First Focal Plane which guarantees the reticle subtensions remain exact no matter what magnification setting the scope is on.


Reticle illumination in the “OFF” position.


Reticle illumination at maximum intensity.

From the adjustment housing going rearward, the main tube provides ample length for the rear scope ring. Given the availability of scope ring real estate on the main tube fore and aft, the K624i can be situated to suit any individual to achieve proper eye relief no matter the action type of the firearm. A magnification range of 6 to 24 delivers a generous bottom end with plentiful magnification for everything up to and including extreme long range shooting. The magnification ring is particularly smooth throughout the entire range with a perfect amount of resistance. Once a magnification is set, it will not move without deliberate input, but is also easy to turn when desired. A fast focus eye piece is integrated with the eye piece for reticle focus and has an indication arrow so a user knows where their preferred setting is at, should it get inadvertently moved, and is also smooth throughout the complete range of adjustment. It’s no surprise the world’s oldest rifle scope company has the best feeling adjustments in the industry. They have been working on perfecting their designs for 116 years!


Magnification ring and fast focus eye piece for reticle focus.

Kahles uses nitrogen gas along with top of the line waterproofing techniques and materials to seal up the K624i which meet or exceed military specification requirements. This scope, as well as all Kahles products, exceed all military specifications for being waterproof and shockproof. This is yet another reason these optics are trusted by the most demanding hunters, shooters, and military personnel in the world.

A flat black anodizing, which produces a faint shine in bright sunlight and is exceptionally durable, covers the scope body. Kahles uses an extremely hard anodizing that resists significant amounts of abrasion. Independent testing has shown the Kahles anodizing to exceed other competitors’ anodizing formula for scratch resistance. Scope ring marks aren’t a concern unless poor quality or misaligned rings are used. The anodizing resists normal usage with ease and hard use with little concern. Again, nothing but the best.


Very little shine in bright sunlight.

Optically, the K624i has no equal! This scope boasts light transmission of 95.2%, which is accomplished by the best optical design engineers in the world. The Kahles optical engineers have perfected the design by using fewer internal lens elements, which leads to higher light transmission, and also reduced weight of the scope. It is no secret that light transmission is lost for every air to glass lens surface, so using fewer lenses results in higher light transmission, with all else being equal. The Kahles proprietary lens coatings are their own secret recipe that ensures ultimate optical performance and color rendition. Resolution has been tested against the top rifle scopes in the business and the K624i has no equal in its class. Color correction is kept natural and is pleasing to the eye with a balanced amount of contrast. The entire optical prescription is absolutely phenomenal and provides the utmost comfort in extended viewing. Total weight of the scope is kept to a minimum as well at only 33.5 ounces, making it an extremely lightweight optic within this magnification range.

Optical performance is further enhanced not by light transmission or resolution, but with an expansive field of view. This scope provides yet another industry leading feature, the largest FOV at any magnification. Even fixed power rifle scopes don’t match the FOV that Kahles is able to achieve in a high magnification, variable power optic while maintaining a comfortable 3.5 inches of eye relief. All rifle shooters appreciate a large field of view for target location and target reacquisition immediately after taking a shot, and this scope delivers that vital aspect. In a world where numbers mean something, Kahles can back up performance with meaningful numbers.

Every Kahles scope goes through a multitude of testing and quality control procedures throughout the entire build process. From scope body machining, erector assembly, lens inspection and installation, to final quality control which also tests every aspect of the complete scope, Kahles goes to the ultimate length to ensure the highest quality product is packaged up for the customer. If you are looking for the best rifle scope on the market, Kahles is the definitive choice in the quest for rifle scope excellence, and the K624i is the leader of the pack.


Testing the new K624i MOA rifle scope. HPS Optic is your point of contact for Kahles Optics in the United States and may be reached at 866-606-8779, [email protected], or visit www.kahlesusa.com.

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