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By ADMIN · Aug 19, 2013 ·
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    HHA Optimizer Horizon Review 2

    When shooting for actual drops at 200 yards the instructions include an “On the Paper Chart” that gives you the approximate amount of MOA you need to use to get yourself on target. I was shooting 36 grain Federal Champion ammunition that claims a muzzle velocity of 1260 fps. According to the chart I needed 21.25 MOA so I dialed up the Sightron and sent a round downrange. The chart was accurate enough to get me on target and a little tweaking showed that I actually only needed 19 MOA to hit dead center. To test the accuracy of the Optimizer, I re-zeroed the turrets on the Sightron, dialed to 19 on the Optimizer and shot a 3 shot group. All 3 shots landed right on top of the shots fired using the scope to adjust for elevation; the adjustment could not have been any more perfect.

    Figure 2. Close up of the HHA Optimizer and scope set up.

    With a verified zero at 50 yards and a confirmed drop at 200, the chart in the instructions told me to use tape #76 for my custom ballistic profile. It was easy to apply the custom tape to the blank adjustment wheel and get it installed on the Optimizer in place of the MOA wheel. I then put the tape to good work and verified accurate holdovers at various yardages between 50 and 200 yards.

    Figure 3. 50 yard zero 5 shot group.

    Figure 4. 10 shot group at 125 yards. The Optimizer provided near perfect elevation adjustment.

    Figure 5. 10 shot group at 200 yards. The first 3 shots were blown to the left of the plate and the remaining 7 were shot using a 2-minute wind adjustment. The vertical center of the group is almost perfect.

    Just for fun I also tested the system using a non-magnifying holographic site. The system functioned perfectly and allowed for quick elevation adjustments to guarantee hits at 75 and 100 yards without any Kentucky windage. This set up would be awesome for hunting jackrabbits.

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