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  1. Dog Rocket
    And the 260 didn't do anything the 6.5x55 couldn't have done. The issue was never capability. It was industry support. Marketing and support go hand in hand. Who killed the 260? Remington did. They started choking the life out of it the day it was born.
  2. Pmacc60
    Remington has done more damage to thier products . than anything else. For most of us the 260 Rem or the 6.5 X 55 serve just as well with the exception of the availability of of rifles now in the chambering of 6.5 creedmoor
  3. ndking1126
    The precision shooting/PRS community originally jumped on the 260 Rem bandwagon. I'm not sure why they switched over to the 6.5C, because they don't seem like the crowd that buys something because it's what every wants. But regardless, 260 Rem should be the popular cartridge and Remington owns 100% of the blame for the 6.5C winning. Oh well, I can reload, so my 260 stays happy!
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  4. Michael O'Connor
    I agree with a 260/6.5 SLR , simply because of neck length and shoulder, being optimum over a Creed in a Tikka action. If you use a true short action the Creed does better with 130 grain bullets with SAAMI length magazine. Cartridge design to me, is better to me than 50 FPS with 140 Gr. Bullets.
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