Technical & How-To Articles

  1. What's All The Fuss Over Aluminum Bedding?

    By Don Bitz. Tired of those odd fliers that open up your groups? Sub-MOA on Saturday and all over the paper on Sunday? Drop it into aluminum and quit wasting money testing load after load!
  2. Maintaining Consistency In Your Brass

    By Jim See. My last article on brass prep centered on preparing new brass for loading. This article will cover maintaining that brass for long life and the processes I use in my brass loading prep.
  3. Prone Shooting Position

    By Jim See. Prone shooting from the bipod should be our most accurate and precise position, yet some of us suffer in this area.
  4. Mating Scopes To Rifles, Barrels & Stocks

    By Don Bitz - Owner - Stocky's Stocks. My initial intention of this prose was to help you select the right scope and mounts for your new aftermarket stock, we get many questions about this.
  5. 10 Ways To Stronger Rifle Field Shooting Positions

    By Shawn Carlock - From the LRH Archives. There are things you can do to raise your first round hit percentage by improving your shooting position.
  6. The Long Rangers

    By Darin Cooper. An in-depth look at two premier ballistic rangefinders: The G7 BR2 and the Sig KILO 2400 ABS.
  7. Load Development, At Home And In-the-field

    By E. Wade Loudamy. Loading in the field is the most recent and the most significant enhancement to my reloading process, greatly reducing the time required and the number of trips to the range.
  8. Improving Your Factory Rifle

    By Don Bitz - Owner - Stocky's Stocks. So how do we go about improving accuracy? We do it through the systematic elimination of variables (components) that may be interfering by fixing or replacing them with commonly known cures.
  9. Scope mounting: Should I Lap or Bed my Mounting System?

    By Jim See. What measures do we take to assure our system is flat and parallel to best align the rings with the scope tube?
  10. Tweaked: My Ever-Evolving Gear List

    By Nate Simmons, from Western Hunter Magazine. This gear list is everything I might possibly pack on a weeklong backpack archery elk hunt during the rut.
  11. What You Need To Know Before Buying A New Rifle Stock

    By Don Bitz - Owner - - Did you know that not so long ago it was almost impossible to find the right aftermarket riflestock?
  12. Triggers

    By Les Voth - I'd read about Jewel Triggers, but never owned one or pulled on one until my friend Richard gave me a lesson on what a trigger should be on a hunting rifle. He said it should be something you don't have to think about. I'd never thought about it like that.
  13. Distance Bulls-How to Hunt Elk from 5 Miles Away

    Distance Bulls How to Hunt Elk from 5 Miles Away By Remi Warren, of Western Hunter and Elk Hunter Magazine The first elk tag I received in my home state of Nevada came well after I started elk hunting; ten years later to be exact. By that point, I had taken quite a few bulls in other states and guided many more while working as an elk guide in Montana and New Mexico. Most the bulls I had spotted while glassing, but most were probably a mile away or less. Big open country can be the best...
  14. 7mm Remington Magnum

    7mm Remington Magnum By Nathan Foster History When the Mauser brothers designed the 7x57 cartridge for use in their M93 military bolt action rifle, the excellent qualities inherent in the 7mm bore diameter soon became apparent to cartridge designers all over the world. Here was a cartridge that produced a flatter trajectory than most of its competition, minimal wind drift and potentially, optimum terminal performance at extended ranges. Following these discoveries, cartridge designers...
  15. Basic Brass Preparations

    Basic Brass Preparations By Jim See Your rifle brass is the foundation of your load. Take the time to ensure it is consistent and truly ready to load. Let’s start with Lapua brass, but the same can apply to Norma. It’s often stated that this brass is “ready to load straight from the box.” Well, not really. Shooters who use quality brass realize how consistent quality brass is. Typical weight variations between pieces and boxes in the same lot are usually within a weight range of 2 grains,...