Product Reviews & Field Tests

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  1. Box To Bench Hunting Targets - Review

    By Les Voth - - - Box To Bench Precision, LLC, of Kettle Falls, Washington sent me some very unique new hunting targets to preview. I glanced over the targets and the instructions that came with them - Instructions. For. Targets. Huh! I knew I could ace this (Ha!)
  2. Gearing Up Your Body

    By Kristy Titus of Western Hunter Magazine Get the inside track on gear that will better your performance on the mountain, where your body is already being challenged. On any hunt, whether it be sitting in a tree stand, carrying a daypack, or an extended backpack hunt, our body needs to be up to task. This is where we fall back on our level of physical training, proper gear planning, and preparation.
  3. Passing Judgement On The Creedmoor

    By Darrell Holland In the shooting community the 6.5 Creedmoor has indeed taken the country by storm. It’s hard to find a magazine on the news stand that does not mention it and manufacturers are adding it to their list of chamberings.
  4. Sig Sauer Whiskey5, 3-15x44 Riflescope Review

    By Winnie_64 (LRH Member) The Whiskey 5’s arrived in New Zealand about a week before the September, 2017 Sika Show and as I was heading up there it was a good opportunity to get my hands on one. I was impressed and promptly placed an order for a 3-15x44 with the MOA Hunter reticle.
  5. Zeiss Conquest V4 Riflescope Field Test And Review: 6-24x50 Zmoa-1 & 4-16x44 Illuminated Zbr-2

    By Mike Durocher. Initial impressions of the scope are great! The elevation turret had solid audible and tactical feedback as I dialed it up and down. The 20 moa turrets were nice for compounding rotations when more than one revolution of dope is needed.
  6. Mec Marksman Reloading Press Review

    By Jared Bauder. The MEC Marksman single stage press provides some of the higher end features for a reasonable price.
  7. Zeiss Conquest V4 Riflescope Field Test And Review: 4-16x44 Zbr Moa & 6-24x50 Illuminated Zmoa

    Optics with high-end “champagne” performance and a price tag within reach of those on a “beer budget.”
  8. Schmidt & Bender 3-12x54 Polar T96 Riflescope

    Leaving the 92% clan far behind, this scope claims an impressive light transmission and we were itching to test it in the field and on the range
  9. Sig Sauer Whiskey5 5-25x52 Riflescope Review

    By Jose Gardner. The attention to detail is obvious, the glass super clear, and the features ideal for the intended purpose.
  10. Ruger Precision Rifle in .223 and Huskemaw 5-20x50 Blue Diamond Scope Review

    By John Johnston - The Ruger Precision Rifle in .223 is the perfect practice rifle for the precision shooters. Because the stock is adjustable, the rifle is heavy and has a muzzle brake; this rifle in .223 would be great for starting a young shooter off a bench. There is practically no recoil.
  11. Kahles 10x-50x MOAK Long Range Riflescope Review

    By James Mock - This scope holds point of aim, has repeatable crisp adjustments and sharp clear images. I recommend this scope to all who want the best and have the ability to pay for same.
  12. Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60x52 Rifle Scope Review

    Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60x52 Rifle Scope Review By James Mock If you were charged with building a scope for F-class or long range Benchrest, what features would you want? Vortex has been listening and they have a new Golden Eagle that has features that yours truly really appreciates. It has a power range of 15x to 60x with a 52mm objective lens. They have attempted to keep the weight as low as possible and the cost reasonable. Before I record the results of my tests, I will list the...
  13. Schmidt & Bender 5-25X56 PMII P4FL2-MOA Rifle Scope Review

    Schmidt & Bender 5-25X56 PMII P4FL2-MOA Rifle Scope Review By Steve Davis, H D Custom Rifles and Ammunition, LLC and Hammer Bullets When the opportunity to review a Schmidt & Bender rifle scope presented itself, I had to jump. I had never had the opportunity to work with a scope of this caliber. My previous experience in the field with high end rifle scopes has been with Nightforce NXS and Leupold Mark IV. I was very anxious to get my hands on this scope and see what makes these scopes...
  14. Bartlein T-Rifled Barrels

    Bartlein T-Rifled Barrels © 2017 by Glenn Burroughs Some months ago a nice custom rifle barrel chambered in 6mm BR Norma and threaded for a Remington 700 action came into my life. It originally belonged to a friend who shot it less than a hundred times, then decided he wanted a barrel with a faster twist for those very accurate, long range 105-grain bullets. The 6mm BR is just about my favorite cartridge so this barrel would be the basis of a new, and hopefully inexpensive, varmint rifle....
  15. Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 Binocular Review

    An incredible top tier pair of binoculars that anyone should be proud to rely on in the back country.