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Buy Here - Review of Huskemaw 5-20 LR Scope

By ADMIN · Aug 17, 2016 ·
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    Huskemaw 5-20 LR Scope Review

    The reticle in the Huskemaw scope is called the "Hunt Smart Reticle," and it intrigued me the more I read about it. The folks at Best of the West took advantage of the reticle in the second focal plane for use in wind doping and in reticle ranging made simple.


    In the picture above, it shows the Huskemaw reticle with vertical lines coming off of the horizontal line. On 20x, the lines are separated by one MOA. There is 4 MOA of wind adjustment in the reticle, from the center crosshair going to the right or the left. If you move the power ring to 10x, it will subtend at 2 MOA per line. This is a quick and accurate way to dope the wind. If you so choose, you can use the windage turret that is marked from 0-10 each way from zero, with a total of 20 MOA, adjusting in 1/3 MOA increments per revolution. When I first looked through the Huskemaw scope, I instantly noticed the different lengths on the horizontal line. I thought it was a good way to avoid confusion, since the lines get progressively longer. However, I didn't realize until I read the manual that they can also be used for reticle ranging when needed. Very cool! If you know the back to brisket of the game you are hunting, you can quickly get a range to target with no math or calculator required. Each line has a number:

    #1 for 9 inch targets
    #2 for 12 inch targets
    #3 for 18" targets
    #4 for 24" targets,
    #5 for 30" targets
    #6 for 36 inch targets

    Simply bracket the animal or target with the line for their size and turn the Huskemaw's power ring until the reticle fits right on the top and bottom of your intended target. Then, look at the power ring and read the distance to the target in hundreds of yards. It is just too easy! Since the horizontal line cuts it in half for targets of 4.5", 6", 12", 12", 15", and 18", it is easy to half the reticle. To use any kind of reticle ranging system accurately takes practice before you head to the fields in pursuit of game. With practice, most people can reticle range accurately enough for shots out to 500 yards or so. This can be the difference between filling a tag or going home empty-handed when your laser rangefinder fails or the conditions are such your rangefinder will not work. On a non-hunting note, there are some tactical matches today that do not allow the use of laser rangefinders. Just think how fast it would be to use this reticle for such a match. The Huskemaw scope employs an easy to use side focus or parallax adjustment which has become common for this class of scope. It is easy to use when in the shooting position. In fact, everything about this Huskemaw scope was designed for quick use in the field.

    I have remarked several times that I have been impressed with this Huskemaw scope, and everything that comes with it. Regardless of quality of the product, it is the people who stand behind it that make it a true package deal. Since receiving this scope, I have spoken and emailed with several people at Best of the West, and all my conversations with them have been enjoyable and informative.

    Most of my conversations have been with Aaron Davidson, Product Engineer for Best of the West. He impresses me as one who is not content with the "status quo," and is striving to make better products for people who shoot and hunt. You sense his passion for the sport while listening to him. One thing that Aaron told me after I received the scope was that an improved version was weeks away from being available. They were not satisfied with the way the zero stop was working and replaced the four screws on zero stop ring with one "clamping screw" like a Forrester reloading die lock ring. I had some frustration with the older style zero stop, but again, it was nice to know the issue had already been taken care of on new Huskemaw scopes.


    One item that I have asked Aaron about was the amount of MOA available in the windage turret. One of my specialty pistols had offset holes for the base, and I ran out of windage when I put it on that handgun. After that I realized there is not as much MOA adjustment for wind (just over 40 MOA) as there is for elevation. This is the only thing I would change about this scope, and have shared that with Aaron. In typical Davidson style, he said he would see what could be done. Hunters do not usually get such a positive response from the shooting industry. There are others who make products for long range hunters, who approach business in a similar way like I stated above. Before I finished this article I emailed Aaron out of curiosity, to find out what are the most common questions and common comments from users of the Huskemaw scopes. Aaron replied, "How do I zero this thing?" or "I can't believe how far I can shoot!"

    After reading this review, you may want to ask me, "Are you selling your Leupold VX-3, Mark 4, or your Nightforce scopes?" My answer is, "No." However, that is a good question. But I think there is a better one to ask: "Will Ernie use the Huskemaw 5-20 LR rifle scope on his best guns for big game hunting?" My answer would be, "Yes!" In fact, It is on my APS center-grip Remington XP-100 chambered in 7mm Dakota. I believe the consumer who chooses a Huskemaw scope is getting a great product at a great price.


    About The Author:
    Ernie Bishop resides in Gillette, Wyoming, where he serves as a preacher. He enjoys long range hunting for varmints and big game with handguns. Ernie also uses his specialty handguns in tactical style matches and in 1,000 yard competitions once or twice a year.

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