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  1. My Ultra-Light Backpack Gear List - Len Backus

    The backpack equipment industry has made amazing weight-reducing improvements in the last few years. I have been continuing to lighten the weight of my backpacking gear. I am hiking many miles per year in the western mountains on my backpacking trips. Every ounce that I can take off the weight of my gear means more energy, knee comfort, trip enjoyment and feasible route distance.
    On my recent Teton Crest Trail Adventure with my daughter Barbara, my total weight of gear with food and water...
  2. Teton Crest Trail Backpack Adventure Of Len And Barbara

    Looking down from Paintbrush Divide at 10,700 feet onto Lake Solitude

    "What an amazing adventure - just finished backpacking with my 71-year young dad in the Tetons across the Teton Crest Trail. 3 days. 35 miles. 3,000' of climb covering 6 miles in 4 hours the last morning. Overshot our permitted camp zone for the last night so we decided we were close enough to hike out and sleep in a hotel with a hot shower last night. Resulted in 16 miles yesterday, including the big ascent in the...
  3. A Culture Of Excellence At Nightforce Optics

    A Culture Of Excellence At Nightforce Optics

    By Len Backus, Publisher

    Last summer Kathy and I made a 5,200 mile road trip from our home in Wisconsin to the northwest coast of the US. We got up as far north as Vancouver Island in British Columbia and as far south as Darrell Holland's home and business in southern Oregon.

    We visited a number of Long Range Hunting related folks on the way and had a great time. There were many high points on the trip but none more interesting and satisfying...
  4. Zeiss Conquest V6 Riflescope Review

    The new Zeiss Conquest V6 riflescopes marry glass quality that will be very hard for other manufacturers to compete with at their price point with all the features, bells and whistles that American long range shooters have come to expect, in an exciting new line of riflescopes that has been several years in the making.
  5. Testimonials - - Len Backus' Long Range Rifles, LLC

    TESTIMONIALS - - Long Range Rifles, LLC
    6.5 GAP
    Brian S.



    123 Amax

    100 yards, 3 shots

    I think the rifle has potential!
    30 Nosler
    Ron P.


    I'm still fairly early in my break-in on the 30 Nosler you built, but here is a 3 shot group. It was a 3 shot group on paper after 2 foulers were shot at steel. Thanks again. I'm really looking forward to doing more shooting. - Ron
    Bob T.


    I asked for a hunting gun - got an IBS benchrest accuracy capable gun --...
  6. 26 Nosler - Hot Rod for the 21st Century

    26 Nosler - Hot Rod for the 21st Century

    By Len Backus

    I think Nosler has a winner in their new 26 Nosler cartridge offering. The 26 Nosler when zeroed at 350 yards, has a maximum Point Blank Range of 415 yards. For quick shooting situations such as with whitetail deer in long bean fields this cartridge could be just the ticket. With whitetails you often don’t have much time to range and dial before the animal has moved on.

    The 26 Nosler achieves 3,400 fps with a 129 grain Nosler ABLR...
  7. Long Range Hunting - About Us

    Welcome to LRH!

    I am thankful for all of my involvement in long range hunting over the years. I first got into long range shooting and hunting when my son Andy was in his teens. We were fortunate to do some fantastic back country hunts in the western US, Alaska and Mexico and at the same time we had a large marsh on our Wisconsin deer hunting land that we liked to stay out of so it would act as a sanctuary. In the 1990's I began shooting bucks out to 500 yards or so in the marsh from a...
  8. SoundGear Electronic Hearing Protection-Review

    SoundGear Electronic Hearing Protection - Review
    By Len Backus, Publisher of LRH

    Last year about this time I ordered a set of SoundGear Electronic Hearing Protection and I have been very, very satisfied with it through an entire year's use. Made by Starkey Hearing Technology, a very established hearing aid company, this unit is very tiny. It fits in the ear canal in the same way a good set of non-electronic plugs would fit. I selected the "industrial" labeled version rather than the...
  9. A Thousand Stars In The Sky

    A Thousand Stars In The Sky

    By Len Backus
    “A thousand stars in the sky make me realize,
    That you are the one that I adore.”

    -Song by Kathy Young

    Those were the words in my mind as I approached the shore of Dream Lake in pitch blackness at nearly 11,000 feet of elevation in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. During that long summer after 8th grade, I had first danced to this song with a little wisp of a girl who sat in front of me that school year. In my high school years, those words would...
  10. Behind The Scenes With Best Of The West TV

    Behind The Scenes With Best Of The West TV

    By Len Backus

    Have you ever wondered how those outdoor TV shows operate in the field while filming a hunt?

    I visited with Jack Peterson of The Best of the West last January at the SHOT Show in Vegas. I had met him the summer before in Cody, Wyoming and we'd spent a half day touring the new BOTW facilities and then having a great Mexican lunch together.

    During the Cody facilities tour I saw the "production schedule board" on their wall. It was a...

    Leopard In A Tree
    By Len Backus

    "Leopard in a tree!" was Hassan's urgent utterance. It was the seventh morning of our Kenya photo safari. Hassan was driving west toward the area where we had been shooting a cheetah family quite late the afternoon before. A little way further down the gravel road we stopped within perfect 600 mm lens distance from the big male cat.The sun had cleared the top of the hills behind us only twenty minutes earlier and the golden light was perfect in its direction....
  12. Mule Creek Outfitting Hunt Report

    Mule Creek Outfitting Hunt Report

    By Len Backus, Publisher of

    Outdoor writer, Jack O’Connor, would have enjoyed high country mule deer hunting on the licensed national forest concession of John and Jacob Berger, owners of Mule Creek Outfitting in Wyoming. In fact, maybe he once did hunt there! After all, for decades he hunted all of the western states during his long prolific writing career.

    I grew up reading Jack O’Connor’s stories of hunting high country mule deer...
  13. Accuracy, A Game Of Strategy

    Accuracy, A Game Of Strategy

    By Jerry Stordah
    ©Copyright Precision Shooting Magazine

    Expectations vary. Few shooters expect a factory rifle to shoot with a custom built gun, but some rifles can come close. It all depends on how accuracy is defined and how the “accuracy game” is being played. Oftentimes, the checkbook says, “Close is good enough.”
    This Winchester Model 70 in Heavy Varmint configuration is equipped with a McMillan A5 stock as part of its accuracy strategy.
    Once a factory...
  14. Passing on the Heritage: Youth Shooting Camp Part 2

    Passing on the Heritage: Youth Shooting Camp Part 2

    Pete Weisbrod

    As 2012 rolled around, my sons, as well several previous students and prospective students, asked about shooting camp. They wanted to know if and when I was holding camp again. The “if” part was a no brainer, but working out the “when” became a bit more of a challenge with my work schedule. I ended up settling on the last week of June despite the slightly warmer weather and conflicts with summer sports and activities.
  15. A Scientific Basis For Evaluating Variable Crosswinds

    A Scientific Basis for Evaluating Variable Crosswinds

    By Paul Carter

    Although we frequently discuss wind as if it is constant in both magnitude and direction, that’s seldom true in the real shooting world, where features of terrain make accurate wind doping much more challenging. For instance, it’s possible that a significant wind experienced at the shooter’s location may be completely blocked somewhere downrange by a hill or other physical entity. Of course, the converse can be true,...