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  1. Brown Bears At Breakfast

    Brown Bears at Breakfast By Ian McMurchy “We are into “Plan-B”, Ian. We had no idea there would be so much snow this late in the season. Lots of bear tracks so we will be O.K.!” FROM THE LRH ARCHIVES Those words greeted me when outfitter Wayne Woods beached his skiff onto a desolate Copper River sandbar in south central Alaska. Wayne grew up in the outfitting business and he knows how to find big brown bears so I was not concerned about the late snow report. If anything this was in our...
  2. A Case For Prs

    By Sam Nelson I checked again for wind, the mirage was a boil, almost imperceptible. I could feel a coolness on my back where my shirt was damp from sweat, but it came and went and it never stayed more than a few seconds. I checked my watch again, 8:00 pm on the dot. Shooting light ended at 8:16. I watched the cow elk make her way down the ridge.
  3. The Perfect Hunting Partner

    By Jeff Rueth We’ve all had a lot of hunting partners over the years. Some great and some you would like to forget. You have the guy that doesn’t help with anything unless asked, the guy that always wants to borrow something because he was to cheap to buy his own. You have the guy that forgets half of their stuff and the guy that snores so loud that you think a chain saw was running. There’s also the complete drunk and the guy hat never brings enough food but eats everything in camp.
  4. Precision Scope Mounting For The Working Rifle

    By Jim See of Elite Accuracy - - Everybody seems to be an expert when it comes to putting stuff together but a novice when it comes to diagnosing zero shifts, and accuracy problems with their rifles. I decided long ago I was going to make my ability to diagnose problems much easier by applying some principals I learned from some of the best Rifle Builders and Shooters in the country.
  5. A South African Safari

    By Dean Ozanne - I wrote this very long article to be both the story of our hunt, as well as a detailed primer of information for anyone interested in doing the same thing. Feel free to pick and choose the headings that are of interest to you. We took over 1500 pictures so the embedded ones are just a small sample. --
  6. Long Range Competition - Getting Good At Prs

    By Les Voth & Nick Butze The team that scored the highest points total at the Bushnell 2018 GAP Grind in Jackson, Tennessee was Pro shooter - Joe Walls of Florida teamed with Amateur shooter - Nick Butze of Minnesota.
  7. Building Your Next Custom Rifle

    By Don Bitz - Owner - Stocky's Stocks. The best receiver from a "compatible parts availability" standpoint is the Remington 700 for a custom rifle of just about any kind.
  8. Passing Judgement On The Creedmoor

    By Darrell Holland In the shooting community the 6.5 Creedmoor has indeed taken the country by storm. It’s hard to find a magazine on the news stand that does not mention it and manufacturers are adding it to their list of chamberings.
  9. Gearing Up Your Body

    By Kristy Titus of Western Hunter Magazine Get the inside track on gear that will better your performance on the mountain, where your body is already being challenged. On any hunt, whether it be sitting in a tree stand, carrying a daypack, or an extended backpack hunt, our body needs to be up to task. This is where we fall back on our level of physical training, proper gear planning, and preparation.
  10. Gearing Up For Mountain Extremes

    Gearing Up for Mountain Extremes By Mike Duplan, Hunting Editor Originally published in WESTERN HUNTER MAGAZINE It’s An Exciting Time To Be A Mountain Hunter The air was thin and the mountainside we were ascending offered no hints of a summit. Climbing up this nameless peak was a labor to endure in hopes of seeing up close what we had studied the day before from six miles away. The rounded shoulders of the mountainside we were climbing was conformed of varying sized rocks - some as large...
  11. Things You Can Learn From A Rock

    By Darrell Holland On a recent hunting trip to South Africa with my Alumni students, I took the opportunity to burn extra rounds of ammunition on distant rocks to gain additional data on trajectory curves, winds and temperatures.
  12. 6.5 Prc - Review

    By John Johnston In October of 2017 Hornady announced the birth of a new cartridge, the 6.5 PRC. PRC stands for Precision Rifle Cartridge. Hornady had this cartridge in mind for many years.
  13. Sig Sauer Whiskey5, 3-15x44 Riflescope Review

    By Winnie_64 (LRH Member) The Whiskey 5’s arrived in New Zealand about a week before the September, 2017 Sika Show and as I was heading up there it was a good opportunity to get my hands on one. I was impressed and promptly placed an order for a 3-15x44 with the MOA Hunter reticle.
  14. The 6.5 Sherman, And Other 6.5’s I Have Known

    By Gene Solyntjes 3,329 fps! I looked down at the chronograph in surprise. After shooting rifles chambered in 6.5 millimeter since 1968, this number seemed surprising to me. What it meant was a 143 grain ELDX Hornady bullet had achieved this velocity in this Bartlein 26 inch long, 5r barrel from just 60.5 grains of Reloader 22 in this new 6.5 Sherman barreled rifle. I was later to duplicate this velocity with Re 23.
  15. Free Floating Barrels: Panacea Or Pain-in-the Neck?

    By Don Bitz - Owner - Stocky's Stocks We get a lot of calls before and after the point of sale debating the relative merits and pitfalls of a stock that does not touch the barrel. The term "free floating barrel" seems to have become synonymous with accuracy in some circles. Many of the top gunsmiths build their rifles free floated so are vocal proponents of it. Gun manufacturers rarely do, including Remington, Winchester and Weatherby. In fact, if you free-float your Weatherby, they may not...