1. Box2Bench Targets: Right Idea, Right Time

    It's designed for load development, but even if you use it only as a normal shooting target it’s got 30 aiming points and it’s durable enough to be set up multiple times so you can track your own progress over multiple sessions.
  2. Barrel Life: A Screed of Old Standby & the Math of the Matter

    When you talk about “barrel life”, exactly what you are talking about is of paramount importance but isn’t clarified by the simple words “barrel life”.
  3. Tikka T3 CTR 6.5 Creedmoor + Swarovski Z8i = One Fine Hunting Rig

    As a gun writer with many years under my belt, I have looked through a lot of scopes and it still amazes me how bright and clear the Swarovski optics are in any light conditions.
  4. Effective Game Killing - Part 2

    The speed of incapacitation or what we call fast killing is one method for which the hunter is able to measure a cartridge’s effectiveness on game in comparison to other cartridges.
  5. X-Ray's Stick

    How many times have you thought about which rifle you would keep if you could just keep one?
  6. All About Riflescope Reticles

    All About Riflescope Reticles By MeccaStreisand A reticle is simply a set of markings inside an optical device for use in measuring, pointing, aiming, etc... My 8" Newtonian telescope comes with an eyepiece that you can use for aligning the telescope with the Earth properly so its drive motor pre-programming can drive it to pre-determined astronomical points of interest automatically. Inside...
  7. Setting Up For The Long Range Hunting Shot

    Setting Up For The Long Range Hunting Shot By Shawn Carlock First lets start off by saying that long range hunting shots are like snowflakes, a few may be similar but no two are really alike. While each shot is unique, the preparation for each shot is mostly the same. For the sake of this article let us assume that you have a rifle and scope combination that shoots very well and you have a...
  8. Nightforce SHV 5-20x56 Rifle Scope With New Exposed Elevation Turret

    My introduction to Nightforce optics happened only several years ago as I first became addicted to long range hunting. I had recently found and delved into a world of information about long range shooting and hunting that I could have only dreamed of. At that point I had never even heard of Nightforce, and at the time local stores didn't even carry the brand.
  9. Those Tiresome Rifle Maintenance Chores

    Those Tiresome Rifle Maintenance Chores By Darrell Holland How many times have we neglected our rifle maintenance over the years? Tired and wet, we return home to hibernate and replenish those vital body fluids lost during the hunt. Oftentimes we toss aside our most trusted friend in our selfish desire to seek comfort on the home front. Sound familiar? You bet it does! A hundred and fifty...
  10. Shooting A 223 Rifle To A Mile Accurately

    Shooting A 223 Rifle To A Mile Accurately By Jerry Teo 223 To A Mile This long range 223 rifle project began last year after some very heated debates on a couple of shooting forums. The general consensus was that it is impossible, a huge waste of time and I was a little bit off my rocker. Sounded like a nice challenge to me. The quest is simple, can I get a 223 rifle using new high BC...