Your Longest Kill on Game

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  1. younggun

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    Sep 15, 2010
    What is the longest shot you have successfully made on any type of game?

    Mine was 460 yards on an antelope out here in the colorado plains. Limited by not having any form of BDC on my rifle and with my dads great range estimation of sitting behind me saying "ummm I think its about 450 yards or so." That being the closest to range finding we had I held about 6 in over its back and pulled the trigger. truely suprised that the report was a resounding "thwack" i looked in awe as the doe instantly crumpled to the ground. That was a proud moment for both my dad and I for as a 15 year old i had bagged an animal at near the farthest range he had ever hit one in his 40+ years off hunting.

    Im sure that since I post this on a site designated to long range hunting I will hear far more impressive stories from far more experienced hunters and I look forward to reading every one of them! :D
  2. Ridge Runner

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    Dec 13, 2002
    thats a helluva poke for a youngster just using holdover and I offer my congrats, I never dreamed of pulling off a shot like that at that age. and kudo's to dad for having enough faith in your abilities to let you take the shot.
    my farthest shot on a whitetail was in 2008, range was 1350 yards, took 2 spotter shots to get on POA at that range with the wind.

  3. elkaholic

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    Dec 4, 2008
    Well that's a darn good start to give you the bug for some serious long range shooting. That's kind of the way I started about 40 years ago with the first 25-06 that remington chambered. I still have that action and it's on the third barrel now in a custom that I designed. I think 600 yds. was the farthest that I took any big game animal using Kentucky elev., but now that I've matured a little I wouldn't recommend that as there is a good chance of just wounding the animal. With the right equipment and a lot of practice, 1000 yd shots are as easy as the shot you took at 450.
    To answer your original question, I have taken several elk in the 1000 yd range as well as a black bear. Because I only shoot when conditions warrant, so far I have not missed or wounded any animals. If you want to get serious about long range hunting, I suggest that you frequent this site and play close attention to the many tutors that are available. Ask questions, and practice, practice, practice! Again, congratulations on a fine shot.......Rich

  4. Kiwi Greg

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    Nov 14, 2008
    A few weekends ago 2 rabbits, one shot, 900 yards, 90grain Berger @ 3100 fps, 22-243 , VX111 LR 8.5-25x50, ideal conditions, a mate shot one 20 yards closer :D

    Also got one first shot @ 530 yards with Kimber Provarmint 204, 40 vmax @ 3850 fps, same scope.

    The two with one was deffinately a fluke, but have done it before @ 3-400 yards.

    Nothing big at a decent distance yet just steel :rolleyes:
  5. stevescg80

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    Nov 5, 2006
    Mine would be a yote at a lasered 738 yds crossing a mile section we got in front of him as he headed up a ravine he was shot with a 22-250 ack imp with an 80 gr Sierra dropped at the shot with the impact just above his shoulders my buddy about flipped having never shot anything over 100yds
  6. SBruce

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    Oct 31, 2009
    Great Thread YoungGun!! These types are always entertaining to read.

    Congrats and don't worry, if you want to get into longer shots, it's getting easier and easier to do with today's technology.

    Personally, my farthest shot ever on anything living was around 700 yds. It was a prarie dog and it was a long time ago, before we had rangefinders and windmeters and ballistic software and internet forums like this one.

    I was shooting my old 220 Swift (Heavy barrel Ruger M77 w/ Leupold 6.5-20X scope w/ duplex reticle, bedded wood stock, free floating barrel and 16 oz. trigger) I had shot alot of prairie dogs with this gun out to 400 yds previously. It would shoot 1" groups at 300 yds on days that had good conditions with pet handload.

    I didn't know the range, but knew it was WAY beyond where I was used to shooting. I simply had to guess and shoot.

    After the 1st shot using kentucky windage and elevation, it was obvious that it was way too far for that. So I started cranking he adjustments on the scope. I dialed up and right for the wind and fired...miss. (but I could estimate how far off I was by spotting my own shot in the scope)
    I dialed up and right some more and fired....missed again, but close enough to send the dog down his hole.

    I made another adjustment up and right and waited for him to come back out of his hole (seemed like forever) when he did, I fired again.....blew dust all over him. Down the hole he went again! I now knew that I only needed another couple of clicks up on the scope:cool:

    When he finally came out of his hole, he saw the sun for the last time. I waited for the wind to return to what "felt like" the same as the last shot. When the wind felt right, I fired again and sent the little varmint flipping through the air! When I paced it off I came up with 697 paces two times (both to the dog and back again). My paces are really close to 1 yd give or take a little depending on the day.

    Anyway, that's my longest kill to date. Hope to beat it in the next couple of weeks with a friends 338 Edge on a whitetail doe. We're probably going to shoot it at my range out to 800 and 900 yds before we go out after the deer, so we can confirm the ballistic software at this elevation.
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  7. sscoyote

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    Feb 26, 2003
    Here's mine-- from a sitting position using a stadium seat and tall Harris bipod--


    and here he is now--

  8. bigbrother

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    Nov 28, 2003
    I love hearing these!

    Mine was a Whitetail Doe in Pennsylvania, 2009 Laser Ranged at 1100yds with Leica Geovid. First shot kill with my 6.5x284 and the 140 Berger. My dad ranged and spotted the shot for me. Took a 10 minute drive then a 400 yard climb up the mountain to retrieve her.
  9. sambo3006

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    Jul 30, 2004
    My furthest is a little bitty elk calf at a lasered 589 yards. I first spotted it from 700 yards but had only shot my rifle out to 600 yards so I worked in closer. I dialed up the turret on my Leupold 3.5-10 and put a 200 gr Accubond from my 300 RUM right through both shoulder bones. Instant lights out. There was definite ground shrinkage as I thought it was an adult cow when I shot. It did eat good, though!
  10. Derek M.

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    Jul 12, 2004
    with a bow or gun?

    bow: 72 yards whitetail in Missouri. with a don't wanna know.
  11. bcwhit

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    Jan 21, 2009
    I have been getting into long range hunting and shhoot for three years now.My furthest shot to date is 526 yrds on a westTexas mule deer.

    funny thing is that the rifle I had built to use for this hunt had a technical issue, ok it was dropped from a tripod. so the back up rifle was a winchester m 70 in 7mm wsm with a leupold vx13x9.

    I had been trailing this group of mules all day but couldn't getsetup for a shot. finally I had pushed the stock to an area with allot of elevation changes, my plan was to slide my way up the backsideof the hill and get to a out crop of rocks the plan was for the mulie to be at the bottom of the ravine about 300 yrds away. I wish the deer had made the planning meeting. I slid my way up to the area I wanted to be but the deer were not where they were supposed tobe. I had about 1hour of hunting daylight left at this point , so I decided to hold my vantage point. After a bit I noticed movement on the hill across form me, I lock my binos on the movment, does all of them where does. At about ten minuets left in the day I spotted the buck I had been after a fair10 point. Hes was broad side the wind was the kicker it was whippping from 10 to 30 mph between the two peak. I had shot this riflea good bit a 500 meters so Iknew where to hold for elevation I had no clue for that much windage so with my best swag i let the shot go. te bullet struck between the last 2 ribs, the deer madeit about 30 yrds before it piled up.
    I have been hooked ever since.
  12. MrMajestic

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    Jul 26, 2010
    Not real far but consider the equipment. Many woodchucks at an estimated 300 yards by the amount of hold-over with a Winchester Model 88 in .308 with factory barrel/trigger and full bedded barrel channel topped with a Leupold 3.5-10X scope. Fired from a bipod with a load consisting of a bunch of 3031 behind a Speer 130 HP. It would cut the chucks in half if you hit them in the middle and shot 3/4 MOA all day! I would shoot further but they don't want to come out way out there, I guess I could back up!:) I retired that gun, gave it to my son, and have since moved on to "true" varmint rigs but still can't find anything willing to have me shoot at it further, just paper.
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    Sep 15, 2010
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