Your Input on a decision I have on a new rifle

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  1. banded

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    Oct 24, 2006
    Ok here is the deal. I have been wanting a rifle chambered in 6.5x284. This is the caliber I want to play around with and I have several options for this. So I would like to hear what you would do.

    1. Savage has the new 111 Long Range Hunter in the 6.5x284. It is in the accustock with a Karsten adjustable comb and adjustable muzzlebrake.Comes with 26inch barrel 1/8 twist. All of the other Savage rifles I have owned in the past have shot very good. I can get this gun for under $800. Do I try this gun and hopefully it is a shooter( my classification for shooter is less than 1/2" MOA out to 800 yards). If the barrel doesn't perform, I can always rebarrel it for another $400 bucks and have a total of around $1150 tied up in gun.

    2. Have a custom Pro-Hunter Barrel made by MGM for around $750 with everything I would want on the barrel. I could get it up to 29" and whatever twist I want. Only draw back in my eyes on this is if the barrel doesn't perform the way I want it to, I am stuck with just sending it back and dealing with MGM.

    3. Or have rifle put together in this caliber on a Rem 700 action and whatever I want. I would probably end up having close to $1500 off the bat tied up in this route, however I know it would shoot by going this route.

    So the question of the day is what would you do?
  2. RockZ

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    Mar 10, 2006
    The savage is a nice setup and the few 6.5x284 LRH's were all shooters. For the price it is a nice rifle. I really like savages too.

    You can keep the cost down with the rem 700 by getting a prefit barrel with a barrel nut and you will be getting a custom barrel. Mcgowen makes them for the Rem. and Bergara also.
    Use your 700 action, Bell and Carlson Medalist stock-$250, and prefit barrel -$300.

    Or you can buy my 6.5 wssm which is a shooter. 1.08" 3shot group at 565yds.

  3. roninflag

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    Feb 27, 2006
    mine are all some form of number 3. would be interested to hear about the 111 lhr though. roninflag
  4. Gene

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    Jan 23, 2007
    I have a Savage 112 in 6.5x284, and it shot very well with a Douglas 1-8 twist 28" barrel, but ended at 1,200 rounds. Short barrel life in this caliber is the norm. My next barrel, a Pac Nor, does not shoot very well. The advantage of a Savage is that you can change barrels yourself. With the short barrel life, this will save you $$$ depending on how many pills go down the tube.
    I believe the Rem with barrel nut would be the same, but you will need a smith to install it at
  5. sniperjwt

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    Dec 27, 2009
    I choose option 4 which is buy a used savage rifle which you can get for around $300 and then get a prethreaded and chambered barrel from one of the fine barrel makers that do this for around $500. So far thats $800 so then you can spend a little more and get a nice stock or just use the one you have an have it bedded. I like this option because its gonna be a shooter plus if you want to change barrels down the road it is pretty simple process and takes about 15 minutes to swap the barrel out so if you change your mind on what caliber you want all you have to do is get another barrel and screw it own yourself.
  6. backwoods83

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    Jan 8, 2011
    My model 12 F-class has shot less than 3/4 moa at 1k, but I have it up for sale, if it doesn't sell im shortening the barrel to 27" and putting it in a Stockys laminate LRT stock. If i had it to do all over again i would probably get the savage model 110 predator hunter, its only offered in 6.5x284 with max1 accustock 24" 8 twist flutted .745 contour, I have the model 10 version of that in 22-250 and it will shoot .4 moa 10 shot at 100 with 40 grain noslers and re10x, if not that I would do as mentioned and find a savage doner action for 2-300, B&C duramax stock 100, 26" McGowen 8 twist 280-310, and a Rifle Basix trigger 100, plus you can put it together yourself or change calibers at any time and you only have 8-850 in it max, then you have room for good optics. fyi I have not seen hardly any of the new savages that weren't shooters!