You wont believe what happened!

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  1. Sako7STW

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    Feb 12, 2004
    Well I finally got my sons 7mmWSM Savage Weatherwarrior back from the gunsmaith yesterday. We had a muzzle brake installed on it. I took it home nad gave it a good cleaning. Then we took her to the range.

    First the scope is now broke. I think the smith overtightened it and now it wont adjust it's power. so I guess I send it to Leupold to get fixed.

    Second.....this is the really bad one. My son shoots the gun and I look down and the brake is GONE!! It blew the brake off of the end of the barrell. We found it 100 yards downrange. It stripped the threads right off ohe barrel. So now I have to have the barrel cut back and I probably have to get a new brake as well. Thing is I dont know who to blaim? The threads on the brake could have been bad, the threads on the bbl could have been cut bad.....WHO KNOWS?? So now I am pissed off!!

    Had to vent, thanks guys!
  2. 375fan

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    May 3, 2010
    If the gunsmith you just got it back from is the one who installed the brake, then I'd say he is to blame for improperly installing the brake. I'd be blowing a gasket big time, he should make replacing barrel and brake out of his pocket.

    What/how did he over tighten scope so that now you can't adjust power setting? Which Leupold model/power is it?

  3. submoa

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    Aug 22, 2012
    Your smith is to blame he should have test fired the rifle before giving it back to you. I do realize that could have blown the rifle up in your sons face!!!!! I would be real mad!!!!!
  4. Sully2

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    Feb 28, 2011
    I agree with you....the cost comes out of the gunsmiths pocket
  5. AZShooter

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    Dec 12, 2005
    I overtorqued a Leupold a couple of times till I learned. One time it was the ring close to the magnification ring. The other time the windage would not adjust. I called leupold about the windage issue and he suggested the front ring was too tight. He said they recommend 22 in/lb which is about all you could do with three fingers on then end of a screwdriver. Loosen the scope ring near your magnification ring and see if it moves more easily.

    As for the brake...was it his design? If so he can make another with a smaller dia thread. If not you have a few less satisfactory options. Cut off threaded area and crown ask for money back.
    Cut off threaded area and rethread by him with new brake. Personally I'd go elsewhere for the next brake.

    Did you find the brake? If so see if the bullet hit the side of the clearance hole. It may not have been centered or heaven forbid not large enough. If the hole was centered and large enough the threads were not very deep and/or not many holes to relieve pressure quickly.

    You are lucky. I agree with others it should have been test fired by him.

    Please let us know how you resolve this mess.