Yet another "which bullet?" question

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    Dec 26, 2009
    I get tired of seeing these sometimes yet here I am seeking experience based advise from my fellow LRHrs I am preparing for a 6.5x284 build using my old beloved tikka 25-06 as the donor. Here is what I am looking for. I want an extremely acurate bullet the flys well but also kills well. I am NOT going to use a berger I have personally seen them fail multiple times in a 6.5 and I just dont like them in this application. I know the SMK is virtually identical to the berger but I think they have a slightly thicker jacket so I am not against those in a 140 or a 142, others I am considering are the accubond and the 130 scirroco. I would love if someone out there had a reasonably priced 150-160 but there are none that I know of. So what do you 6.5 guys reccomend? This rifle is going to be used to smack a lot of steel and some long range deer and antelope, maybe a competition or two. I am not looking for extreme long range I am thinking 1200-1500 will be about as far as I ever shoot but mostly around 800-1200.