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    Sep 21, 2011
    mid sept. to late nov,what I call the feeding frenzy in the populated area of the Yakama Nation res.My job to keep the people in these area safe an out of danger.Rifles used depending on area are 300 win mag when not a danger to population,243 win with 65 gr. berger ,22-250 with 55 gr. vmax now smile two lg boars with 204 32 gr vmax.[500 an 400 plus},of course all head shots off eveing bait piles.Meat is harvested an delivered to those who request including me.a lot of natives have a spirtual thing with bear.7 bear so far with culvert traps an delivered to the high country.5 stuborns with a good pack of hounds.14 bear total,will provide pics as time alows,when I took this position I was told it was 24/7 and I smiled foolish me.