XLR Tactical Evolution Optioned Chassis - Savage 4.4"

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  1. MichiganJeremy

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    Jun 4, 2013
    Fits Savage Short Actions 4.4"

    Comes with two AICS .308 five round magazines.

    Installed it and decided I liked the HS Precision that came on my 12LRP more for hunting.

    Chassis has ZERO rounds on it. Only installed and then swapped back out.

    See attached picture of invoice for complete break down on exactly what it comes with and specifications AND what I paid for it. Save yourself a three month wait and some cash!

    $900 Shipped

    Can include a set of Vortex/Seekins High rings with it. Perfect height for a 30MM tube scope with a 50MM objective on this chassis for $100 extra. Brand new in the box and never mounted.


    Pic of what your Savage can be in this chassis: