WTT/WTS: Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308 w/ Bell & Carlson Medalist Varminter stock

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    Feb 3, 2009

    (rifle only 6 months old)

    Remington 700 SPS Tactical with 20" heavy barrel (I paid $650 new)
    Bell & Carlson Medalist Varminter Stock: Fully adjustable for length of pull, cheekrest, buttbad, bipod location etc. (I paid $500 new)
    Bushnell Elite 3200 fixed 10x40 Mil dot reticle scope (I paid $190)
    Burris XCR Heavy Duty rings (I paid $50 new)
    Burris XCR base
    Harris Bipod (I Paid $100 new)
    Butler Creek Scope Caps


    This rifle consistantly shoots 2 1/2" groups at 300 yards with Federal gold medal match 175 grain bthp ammo, and thats with me shooting it. I am certain that the rifle will do better with a more experienced shooter behind it. The rifle also seems to shoot tighter groups with FGMM 168gr instead of the 175's I was using.

    I value the rifle at $1350 to trade or sell.

    I also have a few hunderd rounds of the FGMM 175's (all same lot number) that the rifle is zeroed with. This ammo is usually about $350 for 200 rounds. I think I have 300ish. This ammo is available but not included with the rifle.


    I am interested in trading for, but not limited to:

    AK rifles
    AR rifles
    AR uppers
    AR lowers
    BULK ammo in .223, 7.62x39, .30 carbine, 12ga 00buck
    Non-budget Optics like EOTech, Aimpoint, Trijicon
    Bolt action .308 or 30-06 hunting rifle
    Comm Gear

    Other small stuff I need that can be used as trade swag:

    Glock 17 night sights
    11-87 night sights
    AK night sight front sight post
    AR Night sight front sight post
    Esstac Boar chest rig back pannel in 7.62

    I WILL CONSIDER OTHER TRADES. I am not one of the jerks that yells at you and says "YOU DIDN'T READ MY POST, I DONT WANT THAT CRAP." if you email me with a trade offer.
    The worst I will say is "No thanks."

    I will ship to FFL or do FTF sale.

    E-MAIL ONLY PLEASE wolfcri@optonline.net.