WTT/WTS: Almost new McMillan stock + Bottom metal

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    Sep 22, 2004
    I have a almost new McMillan A1-3 for Remington 700 LA (right hand) in GAP camo.
    Sniper fill, Spacer system, Decellerator pad, flush mount cups on left side in front and rear. One sling stud under forend for bipod mount. Inleted for Lothar Walther Medium Weight Varmint #2200 barrel profile. It has been bedded (might need to redo the front part) and the barrel channel is widend a little to float the barrel better.

    With the stock there is a almost new Williams Firearms bottom metal in matte blue. The hole for the trigger has been widened a little in one spot then tuched up with some bluing.

    The stock and bottom metal has been used on my 300wm for 124 rounds only. Like new, no scratches or dings.



    I would like to trade this stock and the bottom metal for an AICS 1.5 or 2.0 Green, short action including magazine. Must be in great condition with no to minimum wear.
    I will try to arrrange a midle man here on the board for added security to the trade.

    (I live in Sweden. Stocks are OK to buy and own here without any import papers or similar. If traded I pay shipping to you and you pay shipping to me.)

    If I sell the stock I want $830 + shipping for it. Paymant via PayPal in advance.
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