WTT/WTS... 7rem mag stuff for.. 7mm WSM stuff (illinois)

Discussion in 'Reloading Equipment and Components' started by brian923, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. brian923

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    Jul 14, 2007
    i would like to trade my 7mm rem mag stuff for somewhat equivalent stuff for 7mm WSM. i am changing from a long action to a medium target action.
    what i have:
    1. 7mm rem mag chamber reamer.................$50.00
    2. 7mm rem mag foster GO headspace gauge...$20.00
    3. 60 pieces of primed 7mm rem mag brass. (5 pices arte nickle plated)
    4. older set of RCBS full length dies w/ shell holder...$10.00
    5. 2 boxes - 2 rounds (?) so... 38 rounds winchester power point 150 grn
    total for all: $110.00 including shipping to your door.
    again, i would like to trade for 7mm WSM chamber reamer and such, but would at least like to be able to sell to get the reamer and headspaced gauges.
    thanks guys, brian.