WTT/WTB 284 win brass

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    Feb 18, 2008
    I just picked up a 284 Winchester and I'm looking for about 50 pieces of brass. I would like to trade either bullets or brass for your 284 brass. I have bullets in the following calibers 20, 22,6mm,25,6.5,277,7mm,30,338,most bullets under 25 cal are hornady, and 25 cal and up are nosler accubonds including the long range accubonds, also have other manufactures just not as wide of a variety. I have new and once fired brass in about 20 different cartridges let me know what you need. I'm also willing to purchase the brass if you will take Paypal for payment I would also be willing to deprime stainless tumble anneal your brass in exchange for 284 win brass, I use a Giraud annealer. Thanks for your help.